Plex app for Windows 8 gets major update

In December, Plex released the first version of its Windows 8 media streaming app to the Windows Store. The $2.99 app was an immediate hit and remains in the top 15 of all paid apps in the Windows Store. This week, the company released the first major update for the Plex Windows 8 app that adds a number of new features.

The Windows Store page for Plex has the details on the changes and additions. One of them is a new interface for the channel store, which you can see above. Another addition is a universal search function, along with improved support for people who want to use keyboard shortcuts and a new way to select subtitles and audio selections.

The app also has what Plex calls an experimental MPEG-2 TS transcode format, which it says will support remuxing for most h264 video. Obviously, the label of "experimental" is likely a clue that this feature should not be considered 100 percent reliable.

There's also a bunch of bug fixes in this new Plex Windows 8 app version, including fixing an issue that was preventing the app to connect to a server on same machine as the client. It also fixes a problem with video buffering when it was being transcoded using Smooth Streaming.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Plex

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This specific article is talking about the Plex app from the Windows Store, which was just released and is still quite buggy.

I use Plex on my iPhone, and it works fairly well, havent had any issues so far.

I love your username btw.

I just wish they would allow browsing through folders properly, can't ever find a damned thing on my 3TB media drives...dates are wrong, episodes are wrong, just watched, everything. I could forgive it all if I could just browse WINDOWS.

...There's the Desktop for that.

If the dates are wrong, that means you havent optimized your Media Library properly on the Plex Media Server.
While Plex is great at organizing the majority of your content and getting it right, sometimes it will add wrong info. They have guidelines as far as how the folders within each library should be set up. I follow it and all my movies, tv shows, etc are set up perfectly.

In fact, here it is:

But like you said if you want to browse WINDOWS, then use the File Explorer windows on the Desktop.

Browsing through files isn't touch friendly, which is what this app aims to tackle.

I wish the Plex team would work on using GPU to help with transcoding. I would really like to make my server smaller and use less power and one of the main ways to do this is to use a power efficient CPU like AMD Neo based system, but would be willing getting a A6 or something if they used the GPU to transcode high definition content

Indeed, I built a home server with an AMD Fusion CPU in it. I can either use it for a MCE computer directly connected to my TV, or as a transcoding device. It'd be nice to use that GPU!

My problem is that there is no software version of MCE extenders... Softsled was supposed to be it, but never materialized. I don't want an Xbox in every room, I'd love to just have a PC with extra options, but no dice there.

I'd love to give MS my money for these features (and benefiting more MCE development!) -- as stated well here:

Upgrade is very nice. They really need to fix the ability to add recorded TV from the default WMC folder. Having to move or rename is annoying.