'Podcast' 2005 Word of the Year

The New Oxford Dictionary has named "podcast" its 2005 word of the year, capping off what has been nothing short of a phenomenal year for Apple's iPod.  While some critics believe that Apple is taking too much credit for the activity, which can be done by anyone with a microphone, an internet connection, and recording software, the spread of the activity can undoubtedly be attributed to Apple's influence.

In the last year, podcasting has become a huge phenomenon.  Websites indexing the thousands of availble podcasts have sprung up.  Neowin, as many of you know, began its very own weekly tech-related podcast this past summer.  This past June, Apple added podcasts to its iTunes software, which introduced the technology to a huge base of new listeners.

News source: NewsFactor

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I'm sort of hoping that the word "podcast" is extinct by the end of 2006, it works too much in favour of the iPod, and was one of the reasons why it was adopted so easily. I'm hoping some larger no hidden interests corporation starts using a different name and trying to sway people to use that. At the moment it makes people think you need an iPod to listen to a podcast.

Aristotle: Please, I didn't get a position as a newsposter by submitting stories on how to make pancakes.

If you had taken two seconds you would see that I said that it makes "people" think its just related to the iPod (and therefore iTunes). These people, are not tech heads like the rest of us, but general Joe public, because, you see, podcasts arn't just for the tech savvy, even the BBC has podcasts, and they are tailored towards possibly the largest audience you will ever see.

The problem with the word podcast is the word pod. 5 years ago what would you have thought of if someone said the word pod to you, now, ask anyone, even the tech savvy, and they will say "oooh, thats on of those iPod things". I just think that for the benefit of Joe Bloggs it shouldnt be called podcast. However, what name it could change to, is beyond me.

In answer to my Apple "hate". No, I use macs all day at work. My focus on real life...was kind of the whole point behind my original post, because theres a huge audience out there who wont even try out podcasts because they feel that they are excluded.

Hey, whats to say that the BBC arn't already planning their own name, they have a lot of influence, and it sure would suit the wider audience...or just confuse them even more. Its an interesting topic you have to admit. Try thinking about it some more instead of just trying to incite some flaming.

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