Pokki revamps Windows 8 Start menu program; hits 1.5 million downloads

Developer SweetLabs released a Windows 8 version of its popular and free software utility Pokki in October, which adds its version of a Start menu to the desktop UI. In December, the company announced it had 500,000 Windows 8 downloads of Pokki.

Today, SweetLabs made two new announcements. One is that Pokki has now seen 1.5 million Windows 8 downloads since its launch and the other is that the software program has received a major UI revamp. SweetLabs says the new interface has "improved visual clarity, discoverability, and readability in the Menu." It also has a thinner design for the Start menu that allows for more room to place Windows 8 app icons.

SweetLabs has included a new "Light" version of the UI that will be the default theme from now on, although users are free to switch to the regular theme. The Pokki Notifications panel has also been moved in the new version to become a dropdown box. SweetLabs says this allows for a "reduced Start menu width and easy access to alerts from your favorite apps."

The new version also has an improved search function for quicker access to apps, files and folders. The revamp includes a better way to access Windows settings, including the ability to show recently used apps, a way to add files and folders to the favorites panel of the Pokki Menu from Windows Explorer and a way to customize the Sidebar shortcuts. Finally, users can now switch the taskbar button from showing the Pokki acorn to the familiar Windows logo.

Source: SweetLabs | Images via SweetLabs

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Could be useful for those stuck on Windows XP, but the windows 7 / Windows 8 start menu is pretty good as it is IMHO : Hit windows key -> type in the first few letters of your application -> Enter and you're right into the program you were looking for, without even having to look at the screen or use your mouse... So I don't really care how it LOOKS as long as it works.

I tried it a month ago, it was ****. So bought Start-8 from Objectdock which works perfectly and miles better than that crappy Windows 8 start screen ********.
Pokki then tell me I used a beta, which wasn't obvious during download or using it, so have they got beyond beta yet?

Start Button is needed as the Start page is a big deal, why hide it off screen or on charms where nobody hand automatically goes.

The desktop is important, if it wasn't then I would just use Android all the time.

Start page needs to learn from the start menu, right now mine looks like my Win 95 desktop, full of junk... I should clear the installations up but then Im used to windows arranging it neatly for me in the past.

A start screen is better than a start menu, but all MS done was pull the Start Menu apart and stuck it across the screen, no logic, no control, that should equal no payment to the developers but for some reason it does.

Tried installing it, caused my computer to essentially lock up and bog down before it even finished installing. Not sure what actually caused it in the programming but needless to say I removed it.

I personal like the Windows 7 start menu the best. It can be improve some but every other person or small developer puts too much crap in it.

Too bloated and with the aim of installing it's own environment. If you want a clean, simple Start button / menu in Windows 8 try Classic Shell.

i bet if you combine the numbers from this and add in the numbers from the other ones like classic shell and start8 you have a good slices of the ~80million.

It's a good program but I believe I hit a bug where it breaks Unicode support (at lease for Japanese characters) on Windows 8. Obviously the support group is denying it but they are checking into it. I can reproduce it pretty regularly.

If you use Windows 8 long enough, eventually you realize you don't need these start menu programs. You can do everything in Windows 8 once you discover it.

True, especially when you learn the keyboard shortcuts. However somethings are still quicker with the start menu, such as rebooting your computer, and some people just like to use what they are used to. I was able to get used to metro and could do everything that I could do in the start menu, but I use start8 because I still prefer it personally.

I don't know who install this crap piece of spyware, when there are better alternatives, like Classic Shell Menu, StartIsback or Start8....

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