Police swoop on 'hacker of the year'

The Swedish hacker who perpetrated the so-called hack of the year has been arrested in a dramatic raid on his apartment, during which he was taken in for questioning and several of his computers confiscated. Dan Egerstad, a security consultant, intercepted data carried over a global communications network used by embassies around the world in August and gained access to 1000 sensitive email accounts. They contained confidential diplomatic memos and other sensitive government emails. Details of the hack were reported on this site on Tuesday.

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What you people don't see, however, is he has his head on his shoulders. He will probably walk away from this Scott free because he knows what he is doing and he knows what to say.

all he did was set up a tor node and look at the un-encrypted traffic going through it. he's not gana get a job offer just for that.

and he shouldn't have posted the e-mail accounts and passwords; that's what's landing him in jail. idiot

Dear Mr. Government,
I have found problems with your security and will releasing 100 email accounts and passwords to show my point.

Dan Egerstad

"[I'm] losing money and trust in my company and even if i'm never charged I will not get any compensation it looks like."

I would think so Mr. Security consultant. It was only a matter of time for them to get him, Should have kept his mouth shut and go through the proper channels to address the problem.

Funny thing is that im listing to a song that keeps repeating "You must be dumb", nice song.
2007 will be a great year for him, first he gets "Hack of the Year" and now lets see what he gets next.