Poll: What should Microsoft name Windows 8.1 update 1?

In April, Microsoft will push out an update for Windows 8.1 that will bring quite a few new features to the platform. According to the leaks, this will include enhancements for mouse and keyboard users and also the ability to pin modern apps to the taskbar. 

Seeing as Microsoft, with its last large update, bumped Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, what should the company do with Windows 8.1 update 1? Will the company still refer to the platform as Windows 8.1 after the release or will they give it a new name such as Windows 8.1 update 1, Windows 8.11 or even Windows 8.2? While we will have to wait to see how Microsoft plans to market this update, we created the poll below to get your feedback on how the company should brand the update.

Microsoft's BUILD conference takes place in early April which is where the company will announce the update and the features that it will bring to the platform. While that announcement is a little over 4 weeks away, you can check out some of the leaks here, that will give you a good indication on what to expect with the new update.



What should Windows 8.1 update 1 be named?

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"Windows 8.1"

They don't change any APIs for WinRT apps and therefore the version should be the same. It is just a feature pack or service pack.

Not that I disagree with your selected choice, but why should the version number of the entire OS be dependent only on WinRT APIs changing? Doesn't the rest matter any more?

The rest matters of course but more important is it to not confuse users.

If the OS is 100% compatible, it should not get a new version number. Windows 8.1 apps don't run on Windows 8.0. A new version made sense here, but with Update 1 they don't change any technical details just the UI for mouse users.

It is what it is: an update not a new version of Windows.

Some organized confusion required. A+ certification or better to figure out new features. Your OOBE may vary depending on system specs and current configuration.

Who knows what they will name it. MS naming conventions have always been all over the place. You think they would have worked it out by now. How much direction does this company have if they can't come up with and stick to a product naming convention?

Seriously, I expect they put names in a hat and pull one out. They could end up with 'Windows Monkey'

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