Power Reminder 1.0 (beta)

Never miss important moments in your life with powerful and reliable alarms and reminders, with unique unobtrusive notifications! Set any number of one-time and repeating alarms with custom messages, sounds, colors, fonts, icons and actions.

When the alarm goes off, it displays a balloon notification near the clock area for a few seconds. Click the balloon to open the alarm window or just leave it gently blinking in your taskbar. High priority alarms display their message straight in the center of the screen.

Power Reminder has been deliberately designed to handle the multitude of alarms with ease. You can browse, search and manage alarms, view their schedule for any period of time. Transfer alarms between computers using the backup and restore feature.

Power Reminder never forgets your alarms. All alarms left unattended will display after the reboot. The unique Alarm Recycle Bin comes to the rescue if you accidentally delete an important alarm!

We recommend you to try it FREE for 30 days. Download it right now!

Download: Download Power Reminder 30-day free trial!
View: Power Reminder

This is BETA software!, active testers can get a free license!

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Outlook does not play in the same field. We think the unique feature in Power Reminder is its ability to remind you gently, without interruption. Also you may check our product 1st Clock which gives the same alarms/reminders and also replaces your taskbar clock with customizable date/time display (with Vista x64 support!), atomic time etc.

Free for 30 days? Wow!

Outlook handles this much better. Interesting attempt at an idea that was done a long, long time ago though.

1. balloons distract also
2. $19,99 is a dumb price. I'm sick of these lame selling techniques. It's just $20 for me.
3. Make it at least look better. It's all about functional eye candy these days

mad_spooky said
1. balloons distract also

Hey, so what would be non-distracting for you? At least this is a reminder, so it should notify you in some way. And Power Reminder does not steal focus or interrupt your work, it just displays its message like other instant messengers do!

mad_spooky said
2. $19,99 is a dumb price. I'm sick of these lame selling techniques. It's just $20 for me.

Yes, $20, but not $30 as others mentioned.

mad_spooky said
3. Make it at least look better. It's all about functional eye candy these days

Ok, we'll go this way!

eh, I use my phone/iPod touch to remind me of things, $30 seems just a little excessive for something that I could only use at my desk.

Used it, didn't like it. I probably wouldn't use this even if it were freeware.

I personally use "Remind Me Please" for this purpose.

This is a reminder program, not a note-taker. I.e. you set reminders on specified dates/times and then you'll be reminded by showing balloons as shown on the screenshot and then by blinking on the taskbar. Balloons works as in ICQ/Skype/Google.

Also, you can use your own set of icons if you like!

The fact that they have icons that look like they're from the Windows 98 era makes me think this program isn't worth paying any money.