PowerUser.TV e60: Mac OS X, Wii, PS3 and More!

This week the gang discusses a teen who created a fusion device in his basement, the Mac OS X flaw, a self-replicating worm found in Second Life, as well as Linden Labs take on copyright issues. Stardock announces the winners of the 2006 GUI Championships and the plethora of prizes that go to the winners. We also tell you about a cool program you can get for everyone on your Christmas list.

In gaming news we hear about how quickly the Wii and the PS3 sold out (is anyone surprised?) as well as Sony losing out to the Xbox on some exclusive games. Gran Turismo HD, Hellgate is pushed back and the FBI gets involved when Lineage II is hacked. Are you sure you know where your MMO servers are? Joel also tells us about the game that's kicking his butt this week.

All the news you can stomach right here in one tidy little MP3. Check it out now!

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I love these shows and I listen to every single one of them. I listened to this one last night when it popped onto iTunes.

Good show :P

Has anyone listened to it already? if so does it mostly consist of fooling around again? I wont bother downloading it if that is the case.

Im gonna miss these shows a lot when i move out of yurp. In my home country, i'll be on a prehistoric internet that they like to call Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. That DSL is capped at 1 or 2gb max with either 64 or 128kbps down. Its an insult to the 21st century. I'll also miss my 18000kbps line im sitting at now. Your show downloads in less than a minute.
You guys should one video show before dec as next year i wont be able to download anymore content.

I know brother the term used means ADSL and americans call it DSL cuz they are lazy (oops, little bit of Brad got into me). Im sitting on an ADSL myself. Its just that my countrymen like to glorify crap as gold and they advertise things that I KNOW are not really that good. They hardly provide you full info but just somewhere in a small corner, it says Limited bandwidth to 2gb or so...