Press photo of HTC One leaks


As we steamroll towards Mobile World Congress, we will likely learn more about many different vendors plans before they are announced at the event via leaks. This holds true for one such device that might be announced later this month, the HTC One but we should point out that HTC is holding their own conference on February 19th which will not be in Barcelona and they will not be at MWC.

The press image you see above comes from Evleaks who has been quite good at nabbing press images of new devices before they are announced. The device sports a white exterior and what looks to be a new version of the company’s “Sense” UI.

One difference that you can see on this device when compared to other Android phones is that there are only two buttons on the bottom of the device, back and home. This is a much different approach to other phones that use Android that typically have three or four buttons including search and a context button.

The HTC One is believed to be the M7 device that we have seen around the Internet. The M7 branding is likely the codename as the One naming scheme falls in line with previous HTC releases.

We don’t have to wait long to learn more about the device as the HTC conference is about a week away from the time of this posting.

Source: EVleaks

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It would be ok if there wasn't any goofy icons on the bottom. Totally a lack of originality. But when your desperate you'll do anything. If Apple and MS were smart they'd sue HTC until they give up. Inspiration from another product is ok,but straight ripping off apple and windowsphone (you could throw BB in there also) is pretty lame.

Looks terrible, unfortunately. I love my One X, but if this is their next gen, I'll be looking back to Samsung probably (assuming the SGS4 isn't cheap plastic yet again, which it probably will be). Really disappointing that these companies can't manage to build a decent looking phone.

A black version might make it look HALFWAY decent, but I'm still not sure what I'd think about it.

Looks very nice.
Haters from this site are gonna hate it because it steals a bit from MS's design .. well, the "live" tiles.
It's actually funny that looks like a phone from 3 worlds combined: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone.

I personally love the looks of this.

Nice, is this the new Windows Phone 8?

I still wish I could get a Lumia 920 :-/

The only reason I still have an iPhone 5 is because of how glorious iMessage is since it comes standard on all iPhones now, it sends messages via wifi, and I can message from my computer using Messages for Mac.

Hopefully Microsoft can integrate Skype into their WP8 OS soon and provide the same functionality.

Ahmed Haji said,
Seems that Blackberry Z10 and iPhone 5 had sex and this was their son !

HAHAHA!!! I was gonna say it looks like an upside-down iPhone 5, but your comment was 100x better

They can't waste their money like that. Microsoft is already wasting I mean throwing a lot of money into promoting Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

Dot Matrix said,
Tiles? I feel Microsoft won't like that.
now watch everyone who hated WP because live tiles are ugly suddenly in love with this

TheLegendOfMart said,
Sense is as terrible as Metro.

Sense is slow and useless. Metro is way better although not as nice to look at.

"Sense" LOL> But seriously, you would be 100% wrong. You do remember the cross-license agreement with Apple and HTC? You do realize that HTC can copy ANYTHING with Apple just like Apple can copy ANYTHING with HTC. So that takes care of the hardware design.

As far as tiles, there is no patent on using tiles. This is a widget after all. Widgets were in Android before live action tiles were ever used in Windows Phone. So because this widget is flat makes it a Windows tile? Good luck in court Microsoft if you are stupid enough to sue one of your partners for that "innovation".

nickcruz said,

Edit: Android is kinda of a copy of iOS so that settles it. lol

Believe whatever the news and press tell you. And you do realize that while Apple won in the US, the are losing a lot of other places. I guess you missed in the UK where they had to publicly apologize to Apple.

Anyway, shall see how HTC does. I am hoping they start producing good hardware again and starts to do better as a company. HTC used to be the brand of Android to buy.

> As far as tiles, there is no patent on using tiles.

Yes. there is. Why are the most ignorant people always the loudest?

Live Tile functionality. Granted in April 2011, patent #7,933,632 covers “tile space user interface for mobile devices.” The patent details what is now familiar in various Windows products. “The tiles provide a snapshot of the current state of content available through the mobile device without requiring any interaction by the user,” the patent reads. “The tiles and display space are customizable and can be dynamically updated to display content to a user.”

They also patented 3D live tiles

Apple didn't win anything yet. They still haven't been paid by Samsung and the US already invalidated 3 of their patents. The Judge still hasn't made the decision on the $1 billion+ fine.

DarkNet said,
Apple didn't win anything yet. They still haven't been paid by Samsung and the US already invalidated 3 of their patents. The Judge still hasn't made the decision on the $1 billion+ fine.

The jury awarded Apple 1+ billion. The judge doesnt have to make that decision. Its not hers to make. The decision the judge DID make was denying Apple anymore than that. Apple wanted 3+ billion because they said Samsung willfully violated the patents. The judge did not agree an denied Apple.

DarkNet said,
So when did Samsung Pay? Are there any official appeals yet to hold judgement? No! Really?

As it stands currently, Samsung lost the case against Apple and Apple was awarded over 1 billion by a jury. Samsung is appealing this but as it stands, Samsung still owes Apple over 1 billion. IF Samsung is granted an appeal, then a new trial will happen. But again, the Judge as nothing to do with this decision other than granting an appeal. But it is a big if that Samsung will be granted an appeal.

Apple tried to get over 3 billion from Samsung accusing Samsung of willfully violating their patents. A judge denied Apple of anymore money stating they Samsung did not willfully violate their patents.

Apple tried to get an injunction against the infringed Samsung products in the Us. The judge denied Apple of this as well.

This is all very well known info. Do some research.

EDIT: Actually, the judge denied Samsung a new trial as well.

So again, do some research.

DarkNet said,
I did:

Like I said before, the judge has to make a ruling on it. Sorry you wasted your time thinking you were right. Next time, Google it please. The answer was right there.

The article you posted was from September 2012. The one I posted was from December 18th 2012. So again, do some research. I am sorry if it is that hard for you.

And in case you are having a hard time, here is a quote from the link I posted....a full 4 months after the article you posted. The Judge already made a decision.

Yesterday Judge Lucy Koh denied both Samsung and Apple what they wanted in a post-trial hearing. Samsung had asserted juror misconduct and was denied a new trial on those grounds by the judge. Thus it appears the verdict and findings against 26 of Samsung's devices will stand.\

You see, my original language was Apple didn't win anything yet. They still haven't been paid by Samsung and the US already invalidated 3 of their patents. The Judge still hasn't made the decision on the $1 billion+ fine.

Just because a ruling was made "today" doesn't mean you got paid or ever will get paid that amount.

If I had to make a ruling today, I would say Microsoft is a big fat fail on phones and tablets. Is that fair to say or can it change next year?

DarkNet said,
Here is how the 1 billion stands, two weeks ago:

And the judge has not made a decision. So Samsung still has to pay 1billion unless the judge changes the amount...which is a bug IF and as it stands currently, Samsung is still on the books for owing Apple over 1billion. The judge has not over ruled or changed anything.

And Apple has won. The jury stated so. Its just the amount that is question. Samsung has been DENIED an appeal so they will have to pay something.

Its not really hard to understand I and I am done trying to explain it. So have a good one.

So I guess you agree with my previous statement. Right? Windows Phone 8 is a fail. I mean we are just going by the fact at this point now.