Prince of Persia Movies Finally Moving Along for 2008

Another video game series is being eyed for a film adaptation franchise, this time the Prince of Persia games from Ubisoft. The game has taken off in recent years with at least 3 recent sequels and become a huge hit for Ubisoft. The series has been in discussion for a while with Disney, since Hollywood mogul Jerry Bruckheimer bought the rights in 2004. The Jim Hill Media blog talked about it briefly, stating that "in theory [Prince of Persia] will be Disney's big action-adventure release for the Summer of 2008." Which afterwards "could then lead to a new hit series of movies for the studio."

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hehe, good news!
would love to see the movie, but POP is violently type of game, if they made it any less (blood, gore etc), then movie will be lame !
P.S, Persian is an English word for Iranian, Plz Consult google !

splinter cell (24-style, not necessarily split-screen) might have made a better movie, or maybe a rainbow six (tears of the sun/jarhead -type story).