Princeton joins Google Library Project

Google gives the impression they could not care less about the proclaimed copyright violations by the opponents of the company's Library Project. Instead, the search giant just bounces back with yet another deal. Google never seems to quench its thirst: Texas Library less than a month ago, Princeton University this month. Princeton is offering another million public domain books to be digitized, following in Harvard and Oxford's footsteps. Other partners, including the University of Michigan and University of California, are allowing copyright-protected books to be digitized - the main reason for lawsuits filed against Google by publishers' and authors' groups in the United States and Europe.

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i know this has been said a lot, but where is google gonna stop? when will the ruling the world stop? hopefully never i love google but seriously EVERYTHING... *continues rambling*

I wish they would join the open library project project along with Yahoo and Microsoft, instead of caring more for proprietory crap. Google is the new evil empire.

Pipe down dude, Google is going to make the contents of millions of books searchable, for free, and that somehow makes them evil? Some people just need to complain it seems.

I agree that it would be nice if a way could be found to get everyone to cooperate, but in the end it doesn't matter if the same job is done twice or more as long as the information is out there.

Hey, I am just against Googles's choice to make the library's contents a "Google only" thing, whilst everyone else wants to share. Google is up to something here.

I wish they would join the open library project project along with Yahoo and Microsoft...

Ultimately, I think that the different library projects will interoperate, just as the various proprietary IMs have done. We can at least hope so.