PS Vita gets US 3G pricing plans; 4G LTE coming?

AT&T was announced as the wireless carrier for the 3G version of Sony's PS Vita game console in the US last June at E3 2011. Today at CES 2012 at AT&T's press conference the company finally announced the pricing plans for the 3G version when it goes on sale in the US on February 22.

According to AT&T's press release, customers who purchase the $299 3G PS Vita will be able to choose from two difference 3G plans. One will offer 250 MB of data for $14.99 a month while the other will give users 2 GB of data for $25 a month. The data plans do not require a contract to use and can be canceled at any time.

You can also use AT&T's many WiFi hotspots across the nation free of charge with the PS Vita. In addition, AT&T will let PS Vita owners download a free PS Vita game from a list of titles once they sign up to use one of their 3G pricing plans.

The Playstation web site also revealed that there will also be Global Data Connect Plan for the PS Vita when it launches on February 22. Pricing for those plans have not been announced. PS Vita owners can also purchase individual Session Plans which range from $24.99 for 20 MB to $199.99 for 200 MB in over 100 countries.

In an interesting reveal (or is it a mistake?) Engadget reports that during the press conference AT&T president and CEO Ralph de la Vega told the audience that the PS Vita will be even better when the console "gets LTE". There's been no word at all from Sony about a LTE version of the PS Vita. Perhaps they will announce those plans at their own CES 2012 press conference later today.

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Shadrack said,
I may pickup a WiFi one sometime this year. $250 isn't bad. The PS Vita is going to spank the 3DS (IMHO).
Maybe when it comes to raw horsepower. But when it comes to sales, it's already looking like it'll be the psp vs ds all over again.

Shadrack said,
I may pickup a WiFi one sometime this year. $250 isn't bad. The PS Vita is going to spank the 3DS (IMHO).

WiFi version is $299. Non WiFi is $249

KomaWeiss said,

WiFi version is $299. Non WiFi is $249

Errr, you are mistaken. There is no "non-wifi" version. There's a non-3G version that has Wifi, perhaps that's what you're thinking of?

I've never been more on the fence about the Vita than any other console - and I pretty much own them all.

On the one hand, I think it looks fantastic, its screen is the major seller for me. The games look stunning and there's so much potential there.
On the other hand, the absurd peripheral prices (i.e. the memory cards) are a major putoff. If Sony is going to gouge me at every opportunity, I'm not going to be happy.
Then sales have been poor, if I did invest it might be DOA or the price might plummet in a matter of weeks. It's such a tough call - preorder, or wait and see?

Then of course, there's the idea that smartphones will beat it out in a matter of months, a year at the most. I'm due an upgrade in April so there's a very real chance I'll get a phone that's nearly as powerful (of course whether there's games or not is also up for debate).

I think I'm going to be waiting and seeing what happens, but its such a shame as I did actually have a preorder at one point before I bottled it.

I suspect that we won't see any price drop for at least a year, even if the initial sells are poor. Smartphones may be more powerful than the PS Vita, inevitably... but Smartphones won't ever have a form factor built for gaming. It really comes down to what kind of games do you want to play on-the-go.