PS3 Sales Rise, Still in Last Place

A price cut in early June seems to have boosted sales of Sony's PlayStation 3, but the floundering console is still trailing its rivals from Microsoft and Nintendo. After dropping the console's 60GB SKU price $100 to $500, U.S. retailers sold 159,000 PlayStation 3s last month, compared to 98,500 in June. However, despite the increased sales, the PlayStation 3 still found itself in last place among next generation consoles, as retailers sold 170,000 Xbox 360s last month and a healthy 425,000 Nintendo Wiis. Even Sony's venerable PlayStation 2 outsold its younger sibling, with consumers snatching up 222,000 of the aging machines.

Overall, July was a good month for the game industry with total sales of hardware, software and accessories up 37 percent from the same month last year to $925.5 million. The only downside for the business was in the portable market, where hardware sales fell 1 percent to $95 million and software sales dropped 1.5 percent to $106.1 million.

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I just heard that here in SA, we are getting the 360 Elite for around $600...May not seem like news, but considering that the PS3 retails for $600 overseas (even less now with the price cut), but here in SA it retails for around $ 950. No wonder the PS3 is not selling at all here, Sony's pricing is ridiculous...

Is this happening in other countries as well?

also though, just how many ps3's are being used to play games? i wonder how many people are snapping them up for a cheap blue-ray player? i just can't see why anybody would stump over £300 to play a few xbox360 ports and a couple of mediocre exclusives - i'd expect a surge at christmas, certainly, but right now?

that should be a moot point now considering stand alone blu-ray players should be found for $500 now too. so many people are actually buying it for games now, even if it is only madden or ncaa

I read an article a couple weeks ago that showed that only 40% of PS3 owners had any idea that the PS3 had a BluRay player. Not that I trust polls as reliable information, but that's actually pretty believable. Most people don't even own an HDTV anyway, why would they want BluRay? I strongly believe that people are buying the PS3 for gaming, which is a shame since there are so few quality games for it. By the time there are enough good games to warrant a purchase, the system will probably have seen another price drop.

Well, the PS3 is getting a lot of good press at the moment. Microsoft, meanwhile, aren't having as much luck:

- Smoking Steering wheels
- Wireless reciever for PCs having issues

I'm also surprised to see HALO3 getting a pretty mediocre response. I don't own a 360 or a PS3, so I only browse gaming sites, but from what I've seen, it's not been fully living up to expectations and hype.

Sony's good press:
+ TV Tuner
+ Killzone 2 living up to expectations
+ Metal Gear Solid 4 also living up to expectations
+ Gran Turismo 5 Prologue coming for free (unconfirmed)
+ Low hardware error rate

I haven't actually seen much bad press coming out for the PS3. There's the paramount-bluray issue, which is about as bad as it gets. Lair and Warhawk are getting good reviews (except from IGN UK), and hardware sales are up.

Microsoft should really make more effort to get some good publicity circulating. At this rate, consumer confidence is going to be low and hardware sales are going to slump. If they want to keep beating the PS3 in August and September (maybe not so much September, HALO3 will sell well), they should well be doing more to get good publicity flying around.

Why are so much people still buying PS2 ?
May someone explain ?

Edit: Please change the PS3 news icon... It still has a boomrang !!!

Because it's one of the most awesome consoles in existence.

RPG line (excluding handhelds):
NES, SNES, PS1, PS2...

For the next generation, it's hard to see what console will be the RPG king. Maybe Nintendo can come back and reclaim that title from Sony. Then again, Sony hasn't even really started yet, so who knows. Or maybe this is Microsoft's turn to shine. The 360 is a great console as far as controller, system, and games (minus falling apart after a year or so).

Besides, for the price of a DS (and a lot better games), ya can't beat it. Isn't it supposed to drop to $100 at the end of the year or something as well? I may end up buying a new one as well. (could use the space of the redesign)

tx83 said,
Why are so much people still buying PS2 ?
May someone explain ?

Edit: Please change the PS3 news icon... It still has a boomrang !!! :laugh:

Why are people buying PS2s?

Uhhhh.. Because its a really nice system? It plays movies and has a TON of good and very popular games. THREE Guitar Hero games (with a 4th coming out for it), all the Final Fantasy games, it plays PS1/PS2 games fine, and it does online stuff.

It's also pretty darn cheap. It's just $129, right?

its coming to that time where everynoes consoles are breaking and are out of warranty... :P thats what most of the consoles i sell go for

Galley said,
The PS3 is well worth $500, folks. It's time to sell your non-essential organs! :cheeky:

Then what would I sell when the next great thing comes out?

Galley said,
The PS3 is well worth $500, folks. It's time to sell your non-essential organs! :cheeky:

I disagree.

I may be old-fashioned, but I like to play through my computer rather than buy another small, limited, keyboard-less (yet cool looking) computer and hook it up to my TV.

I say we all buy some gamepads instead.

And I want peace on earth, too.

Good, I'm glad to see the PS3 sales are doing better. More sales means more developer support, which means more games.