PSA: Forza Motorsport 5 LE users can claim a free car

One of the biggest exclusive games for the launch of the Xbox One was Forza Motorsport 5. The game made its rounds in advertisements, videos, and was even available to demo at Microsoft Store locations. When the game was released, it was met with positive reviews but was also maligned for its microtranscations. In addition, owners of the Limited Edition version of the game were supposed to be able to acquire any car in the game using the 1,250 tokens provided with the VIP code included in the package.

Unfortunately when the game was released, users realized that many vehicles cost more than 1,250 tokens. Combine that with the fact that acquiring credits from races was a slow and methodical journey, and fans took to the Internet to complain about having to spend real money to buy new cars.

Give credit to Turn 10 for listening to their fans. They heard the angry mob and quickly announced that they were reducing the cost of cars as well as increasing the rate of credits that players receive from racing and leveling up. In addition, they gave everyone who purchased the limited edition version of the game the most expense car in the game, the Lotus E21, as a free gift. If that wasn't enough, they also told these users that they would be able to pick another car for free to park in their garage as well. Receiving this new car apparently can't be done within the game itself, but the signup page is finally online and available, although you'll have to link it up to your Xbox Live account. It was a tough decision, but I personally selected the McLaren F1.

Details of the other changes, including new race modes, are available on Turn 10's weekly blog.


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mulligan2k said,

thought it was a promotion that 5 people get to win a real car

Sorry about that guys! Now that you point it out, I can see how some may think that...

The micro transactions in this still annoy me. The game is already short on cars and tracks, they should of atleast had a few cars as a free download to everyone, as the cars were already complete for the games release date! It would have pleased fans and been like a thanks for buying XB1 on release. Instead, people have to pay for stuff that should have been there from the start.

D. FiB3R said,
So now I have two of the Lotus E21

If you already bought the Lotus E21, they said that they give out a different car.

Fezmid said,

If you already bought the Lotus E21, they said that they give out a different car.

I don't think I bought it. Pretty sure I was given it, and now I have been given another!

D. FiB3R said,

I don't think I bought it. Pretty sure I was given it, and now I have been given another!

That kinda sucks. Could always reach out to Turn 10 and see what they can do.

D. FiB3R said,
Been having a quick look through their forums, seems at least one user has the same issue... http://forums.forzamotorsport....806/ShowThread.aspx#6298806

Also noticed the same user mention "car redemption page", which lead me to this (via google)...

So I can have yet another car

I've lost track of what I have/should have at this point

The link to the redemption page is in my article too....

Is microtransaction a new way to release incomplete, full priced games, and let users pay to get what's missing?

I know all about the cost of games development, but you should not sell a game that is mostly unusable without paying for extra stuff.

You can 'buy' the stuff with credits you earn from playing the game too. Sure there's DLC cars too, but that's nothing new.

They just lowered the cost of the cars so people can get them faster. I never had a problem getting enough credits, but now it seems like I can buy every car in the game with the credits I got.

I like what they did by lowering the cost & increasing credits but getting the best car in game, Doesn't that take away one of the main goals of the game?

Now if they'd only release an X1 compatible racing wheel that isn't $400. ...That'd be awesome, thanks! (They being MS, not Forza)

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