PSP2 Gets 60GB Hard Drive!

So, not only is the PSP going to play movies it's also going to have as much storage capacity as the PS3?

Apparently so if a slide displayed at Samsung's Japanese launch for its N-Series 1.8 inch hard drives is anything to go on. This has fuelled speculation that the PSP2 will indeed come heavily armed with a 60Gb N-Series and its 60 movies of 135 minutes each capacity.

Sony and Samsung have been in cahoots for some years now, working on LCD panels, sharing patents on the fabrication of semiconductors, and, of course, co-sponsoring Blu-Ray.

The move could also see the final death knell for the universally under-valued, underused and under-loved Universal Media Disc (UMD) format, which has been kicked into touch by developers, retailers and, well, most people.

News source: Spong
Screenshot: >> Samsung Slide <<

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You quoted SPONG as a news source??? The site that EVERYONE on the net knows is like the trash can of unfounded rumours online! Man there really needs to be someone moderating these posts, seriously! SPONG even Evil Avatar laughs at SPONG thats how bad a source it is.

The UMD drive makes noise? Did you drop it? I just got a PSP 2 days ago and I feel the drive more than i hear it.

I already have a PSP from EU launch, tho if this is true that there'll be a revised PSP with 60GB HDD then i'd buy it.

tho they should include an option to install games to HDD, where a system works that you still need the UMD in but just for copy checking perhaps and the rest of the game loads from HDD, then it'll also help with the noise the UMD drive makes.

Considering this is nothing more than a rumour, shouldn't the title have been "PSP2 gets 60GB Hard Drive?" not "PSP2 gets 60GB Hard Drive!" minor thing i know.

I disagree. I have a 4gb memory card and it does everything I need. Right now I have two full length movies, 6 "backup" games, and my music on there with no problems. A HDD would just increase the cost and size.

It originates from Rugby. Where the ball is kicked into touch it is out of play and a throw-in is required to resume. In the context of the news article it is a colloquialism meaning to discard or finish with (etc.) something.

Like "dead as a doornail", "fit as a fiddle" and "quiet as a mouse" etc.

The PSP is a great system with backing from some great developers, it should be a good system as long as they don't get over-greedy again as they have with the Playstation 3. It doesn't need to be the most powerful, it just needs to be reliable and out on time.

I don't care if they put a mini ipod into the psp2 it won't matter if the games suck. the psp1 is a good system with good features if used properly, it just has never had the best game support.