Pulled patch from August now back on Windows Update

Microsoft has started pushing a patch which was pulled earlier in the month for causing boot failures, after fixing the bug.

The patch which was part of the August update was reported to have been a cause of boot failures and BSODs by some Windows users, which caused Microsoft to pull the update from being rolled out as part of the August update.

The kernel-mode security update KB2982791 had a total of three known issues which included the locking down of the fonts folder in Windows, incorrect rendering of system fonts on Windows 8, 8.1, 8.1 RT and Server 2012 R2. However, it was recently reported that hardly 0.01% of the total Windows user base actually faced these issues after the update.

Microsoft was prompt in addressing the issue and has now made the patch available once again under a new KB number, KB2993651. The company has recommended that users who were able to install the previous update, uninstall it, although not doing so should not affect their use.

It is interesting that the Microsoft Support site still mentions that the Fonts related issues still exist with the update, which means Microsoft has just fixed the system crashes and boot issues caused by the update.

Source: Microsoft Support via Windows IT Pro

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This update (KB2993651) and the original one (KB2982791) also impact XP/POS2009. Installing the original causes eventual system instability and spontaneous reboots (no BSODs) every few days - the "re-released" version does the same at a much faster rate (every few hours).

I suspect a kernel heap/memory leak caused by GDI usage (exhaustion?) based upon anecdotal experience/testing. (Win32K.sys and GDI32.DLL are updated in XP/POS2009)

I highly recommend all XP/POS2009 users avoid installing (or uninstalling) both KB2982791 and KB2993651 and hiding these updates at Windows Update.

Also, the initial failure of Windows Update (as reported by some users) after uninstalling either of these updates is also seen (of course in XP/POS2009 it uses IE directed to a Windows Update URL), but again seems to correct itself once the user manually directs IE to update.microsoft.com.

For the record, this is not the first time a kernel/GDI update has caused these instability issues and based upon the historical pattern of released patches, wont be the last.

The issues with fonts still remain in the August rollup update but they are not advising users to uninstall because it was not causing lock ups on boot like the security one. I hope they address this rollup as well in a coming update.

And for this bug to of caused a problem one of the key things was to have fonts installed in a non-default font folder........ kind of defeats the purpose to have fonts installed in another folder but hey who's to complain about what developers do right?

This must be the update that fogked my Waterfox. Woke up to see that my computer restart and waited in the login screen. Once I got in my Waterfox open in a fullscreen mode. WTF Microsoft.

how did you fix it the 1st time? i'm also having this problem, but when i try to load Safe Mode, all i get is a black screen. PM me if you can.

So that's why it was always hard to boot on my pc , i just figured was my hardware or something since gave issue pre boot had to press reset couple times so it finally would start , now issue wasent big problem only when i rebooted rest of time it went to sleep mode so din't bothered me that much to look into it ... now i know :p

Didn't have any issues on 7 Windows 7 machines here either.

Have 4 Windows 7 Ultimate, 1 Windows 7 Professional and 2 Windows 7 Home Premiums.

Just checked on this machine for updates. I see this is now offered and now the question is do I apply it seeing as how my machines weren't effected previously? I can see the number of messed up machines now rising to WAY over that .01%

Just kidding, sort of. Patch is already downloaded and installed. No issue upon reboot.

Hardly 0.01% is still a big number considering the entirety of windows installations. Also it doesn't look like a small number if it happened to you.

I was indeed affected, so yeah, i don't care if people say it was a small number.

Can't think of a single OS that hasn't had a "bad" update, they all have had ones that were buggy and/or pulled. Considering the crazy number of systems and configurations they have to deal with, 0.01% is a surprisingly good number.. relatively speaking of course, 0.0% is even better.

NastySasquatch said,
0.01% of Windows 8 installs. That's a much smaller number than you are insinuating.

Apparently it affected other Windows versions as well.

At least MS have fixed it.

NastySasquatch said,
0.01% of Windows 8 installs. That's a much smaller number than you are insinuating.

I had a few Windows 7 machines effected by this in my office.

NastySasquatch said,
0.01% of Windows 8 installs. That's a much smaller number than you are insinuating.
I had my Windows 7 install affected, sorry for not mentioning that.