Queen visits Google and receives a doodle

The Queen of the United Kingdom will visit Google's Westminster offices today and Google have marked the occasion with a special "Google doodle".

Normally reserved for holidays and anniversaries, the doodle will feature on the front page of Google UK. The image features the Queen's profile and a crown.

The Queen will meet competition winners and users of the Google's video site YouTube.

Last Christmas, the Queen launched a dedicated royal channel on YouTube. The channel has 54 royal videos and has been viewed 1.6 million times by internet users.

View: Google UK

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M2Ys4U said,
The monarchy bring in a lot of revenue through tourism etc.

very true,
also years ago when Nissan were deciding which country to put there new euro factory, the queen invited Japans monarchy / government over here for some pimms and the next thing you know - lots of jobs in Sunderland.

As long as they become self sufficient I love them and all that they stand for

Any chance you could keep her in Jamaica?

Sorry for the rant, but I dont believe such an old fashioned monarchy has a place in todays society.

I hope she comes back to Jamaica soon, we love her here. The last time she was here there was a power outage at Kings House (her dads place) and she was shown on TV carrying a candle.