RAXCO goes Freeware with it's popular PerfectDisk

For a limited time, Raxco Software is offering a fully functional free defrag solution: PerfectDisk Free Defrag. PD Free is a simple solution that does not require a license key to operate with full functionality.

The fastest, most complete and most flexible defrag and optimization solution for PC and laptop performance. PerfectDisk Free Defrag combines speed, thoroughness, flexibility, control, automation, and ease-of-use to help make your PCs and laptops as fast as possible.

PerfectDisk Free Defrag launches with a Quick Defrag scan and optimization, then defaults to the patented exclusive SMARTPlacement intelligent optimization method.

SMARTPlacement is PerfectDisk’s patented default method that defragments all your files, consolidates free space, and optimizes the drive according to file usage. It provides the most complete defragmentation possible and slows down refragmentation of your drive. Quick Defrag only defragments fragmented files without attempting to place files according to usage patterns or attempting to consolidate free space. It provides the fastest defragmentation pass but is not the most thorough and it should only be used if you have lots of free space.

Configure and manage PerfectDisk defragmentation schedules using the One-Time, Daily or Weekly defrag schedule buttons.

Download web installer: PerfectDisk Free Defrag 1.0.0 | 801 KB
View: Homepage | Release notes

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When it analysed my drive it recommended using the Consolidate Free Space option. However, there's no way to change the defrag options.

Way too limited to be of any use.

although it beats the windows defrag by a hair (IMHO).....I agree with skyfrog. It just doesn't seem to have the beef, especially when that splashscreen pops up and tells you that you're a free user and these features are unavailable....it's like...if you're looking for a free solution to a minor problem, you're missing out on all of these "features", and haha, you're too poor to afford our "decent" defrag client.....uninstalled. How self-centered.

"Valid email address is required for installing PerfectDisk Free Defrag Utility"

Well now we know how they plan to make money on this. A fake email address worked just fine though. Very slow installer makes me wonder what all it's putting on my system, and it automatically launches and begins defragmenting without asking. You can stop it but it should ask first. Considering the missing features and pretty poor UI I don't see any reason to use this over the built in Windows defrag utility.