RealPlayer Cloud

RealPlayer Cloud is the first integrated video player and cloud service. RealPlayer Cloud allows people to seamlessly move, watch, save, and share their videos across any device. RealPlayer Cloud automatically transforms video formats in the cloud to give viewers the highest quality experience possible, no matter what device or screen size. RealPlayer Cloud apps are available starting today for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Web and Roku.

With RealPlayer Cloud, you will be able to watch local and cloud videos by casting from the RealPlayer Cloud app to any TV via the Chromecast dongle. Additionally, once sent to the TV, users can control playback of the video via the RealPlayer Cloud app on their mobile or PC device. The Chromecast partnership adds to the growing list of platforms on which RealPlayer Cloud is available, including: Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Windows PC, Roku, and any other device via a Web browser.

Additionally, SurePlay ensures that videos are right-sized for the device's screen and the network bandwidth available enabling instant and smooth playback on all your devices at any given time regardless of video format.

You do need to create an account to use RealPlayer Cloud, because you will need to sign in to this account from each computer or device you want to use. You can choose to login with Facebook if you prefer. You can get 2GB of storage with a free account; for more storage, you will need to pay to subscribe to a higher storage plan.

Download: RealPlayer Cloud |  46.7 MB (Freeware)
View: RealPlayer Cloud Website

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RealPlayer doesn't install as much junk as iTunes does. That said, the only thing I've found useful in RealPlayer in the past few years is its Downloader plugin which works wonders on YouTube. Don't think I'm going to be trying this version though.

you want a good way to download youtube videos as either mp3 or flv? if you only use realplayer for that sole purpose, then its useless, because you can do it with a website

Saex_Conroy said,
because you can do it with a website

Or, you can do it with a browser extension. There are many, for novices Youtube Center is a sure bet and for leet doods like myself Flashgot does it well.

thats still worse than using a website - this way you dont have to install a thing, and you probably wont be doint that very often, so i believe the website is the most practical solution, because one more extension means clogging the browser even more

I haven't used anything Real in years. I wonder if it still installs 10000 services.

Anybody have any time with this, any idea if it's good or not?