Registerfly faces losing ICANN accreditation

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Domain registrar and SSL certificate issuer Registerfly has been given notice by ICANN for violation of numerous policies and must remedy the situation by March 13 or lose ICANN accreditation. The issue is focused on Registerfly's failure to unlock tens of thousands of domain names despite repeated requests by customers and ICANN itself, a violation of ICANN's Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, as well as repeated failure to pay ICANN's accreditation fees.

The company's troubles have been snowballing for a while now, and came to a head with Registerfly's financial problems that caused the company to allow 75,000 domain names to expire despite repeated user requests to renew and/or transfer them. Registerfly blamed the financial crisis on parent company Unified Names' CEO Kevin Medina's misue of company funds. Medina was terminated from the company on February 12 and Unified Names sued him that same day, accusing him of misusing the funds on liposuction and escorts. Registerfly claims that upon Medina's termination, he deleted quite a bit of company information, including passwords and access to the billing department in order to issue refunds.

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Just as a note, ICANN actually filed suit in court against RegisterFly seeking a restraining order (prohibiting it from selling domains), an emergency financial audit. Also, ICANN has convinced the root registries to suspend expiry on all RF domains (i.e. any domains that have expired and registered via RF are placed into serverDeleteProhibited rather than Redemption, which means the Registry may not delete it from DNS). See for details. On a related note, apparently root registries are allowing the transfer of RF names even without the Auth Code (

If any of you are on registerfly, GET OUT NOW!!!! I spent the last two weeks moving 8 domain names off of them, and it was a mess. Thankfully, eNom was able to successfully get 5 of them out quickly, but the other 3 took A LONG TIME to get moved.

So please, I beg of you, for your own good, GET OUT NOW!

I lost several domains because I could not renew them through registerfly... I very quickly moved the rest of my domains and left Registerfly permanently.

I will never do business with them again.


Dakkaroth said,

lmfao. He's datin' hoes. :P

Fine hoes too!!

I have like 15 domains with registerfly and I have never had a problem with support, they usually respond to my tickets within 24 hours. Also haven't had any problems with renewing. But damn I didn't know all this things were going on with registerfly...

I got rid of RegFly less than a year ago. I am pretty much new to the whole hosting game. My first time was with RegFly. Their email hosting sucks......bad....its slow and it often requires you emailing them to restart the server which is completely ridiculous. A end user shouldn't have to do that. After a while, the time needed for trouble tickets got longer and longer. I finally got fed up with their crap and transferred everything out and now I'm with GoDaddy which so far has been infinitely more better.

This is so long overdue. This company has been engaging is such practises for an absolute age now, seemingly untouchable. They routinely ignore support queries, and, as the above records, lock people out of their domains, and worse besides. I know, I have a domain set to expire in <looks at Calendar> about 20 weeks, and can I hell get hold of anyone at RegisterFly. They really should not even be trading. I know so many people who have been left in a mess as a result of them.

However, I predict, no matter what ICANN do, it won't change a thing. RegFly know they're onto a good thing and if they've got this far untouched, I for one can't blame them for thinking they can get further still. It's all money in the bank for them.