Relive your XP nostalgia with Microsoft's ‘Escape from Windows XP' game

Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP support on Tuesday and the IE team has put together a fun little game called ‘Escape from Windows XP’ which is a small browser based shooter that, as you would expect, you try to escape Windows XP.

You can check out the browser based game here and it should work with any modern browser. The game is a simple, arcade style, shooter where broken windows of IE6 make up the ‘ground’ that you play on while destroying various bits of XP nostalgia.

Microsoft’s end of support for XP is a big move for the company that supported the OS for more than a decade, as there are still millions of machines using the OS to this day. But, Microsoft has provided plenty of advance notice about the end of support for the OS and has even offered incentives to jump off the obsolete OS.

If you are still looking to upgrade from Windows XP, you can take a look at Windows 8.1 update 1 here and many of the benefits that come with the latest update to Windows 8 and of course, in the near future too, the Start menu will be returning to the OS as well.

At this point, running XP is a risk to your data, as the OS will no longer receive patches from Microsoft unless you are willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

Play: Escape from Windows XP | via: Softpedia

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Do you escape after paying a bunch of money for an OS upgrade that doesn't run on your hardware anyway, requires you to update within the next 5 weeks to an update that was pulled for security reasons, while forcing you to sign up for unwanted internet services just to log in?

That was a fun little game and the music wasn't bad either. I wouldn't mind seeing it made into a full mobile game or something :D

It would be nicer if was the attack of the killer Live Tiles with evil Cortana on the background. You shoot them with a mouse whiplash and some by throwing keyboard keys at them.

In the end people loved XP and hate Windows 8, not the other way around, MS.

I've played this. How cool is it to play a game about the End of Windows XP Support in the form of a Windows XPocalypse Game called Escape from Windows XP, Huh? Cool thing about it is that you're being attacked by Zombie Icons treaching through Open barren Windows while surviving an apocalyptic Operating System Desktop run by a Godzilla-like Monster Clippy.

este said,
LOL! That is actually really awesome. Bravo, well done.

My firefox just crashed after game is over.

//Firefox n Win 7

este said,
LOL! That is actually really awesome. Bravo, well done.

Glad you liked it, I'll tell my buddy who made that game. I'm going to forward him the link to Neowin too and maybe he'll post something.

este said,
LOL! That is actually really awesome. Bravo, well done.

Perfect! When someone is crying about XP support ending, send them the link to this game. Muahaha.