Reminder: Windows Live Mesh dies in a week

Windows Live Mesh's services will go offline in about a week, taking all user files with them.

Microsoft is reminding users of Windows Live Mesh that the service will be killed off in about a week by sending emails explaining the service's termination.

According to those emails, Live Mesh will officially cease operations on Feb. 13. At that time, all content previously updated to the service will be deleted. Microsoft's email explains the service's termination as follows:

Currently 40% of Mesh customers are actively using SkyDrive and based on the positive response and our increasing focus on improving personal cloud storage, it makes sense to merge SkyDrive and Mesh into a single product for anytime and anywhere access for files. As a result, we will retire Mesh on February 13, 2013. After this date, some Mesh functions, such as remote desktop and peer to peer sync, will no longer be available and any data on the Mesh cloud, called Mesh synced storage or SkyDrive synced storage, will be removed. The folders you synced with Mesh will stop syncing, and you will not be able to connect to your PCs remotely using Mesh.

The company's email reminds users to migrate their information to SkyDrive if they'd like to keep it and notes there are mobile SkyDrive apps on Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices. Windows 8 and Windows RT also have a SkyDrive app.

Image via Microsoft

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I wish the same as others, that Microsoft would've kept or Intergreated Live Mesh features into Skydrive...Remote Desktop features was so nice, as well as Syncing over local network to other PC's

Gee, what a great attitude. Nobody's forcing you to use a product you've had a bad experience with. I use Mesh, love it, and really wish SkyDrive provided the same functionality.

February 13th will be a very sad day for 25,000+ loyal Mesh users who are left without any suitable, like-for-like alternative!

"Cubby" by LogMeIn looked a promising alternative for a while, but then they decided to remove the peer-to-peer "DirectSync" functionality from their free product, and instead charge users an extortionate amount to use it!

I wish that either:
A) Microsoft would keep Mesh alive (I suspect most Mesh users would even be happy to pay for what is an amazing service!)
B) Microsoft - instead of trying to convince Mesh users that SkyDrive is better than Mesh (when it's quite clearly inferior!) - would integrate peer-to-peer sync in SkyDrive and provide a native way to sync any folder! (Remote Desktop features like Mesh had would be nice too!)

This untimely execution of Mesh is certainly a backwards step for Microsoft!!

I too will miss Mesh. I've been looking around for peer-to-peer replacements myself. I did stumble upon Cubby, which does look promising. I didn't realize they're now charging for the peer-to-peer aspect.

Today I ran across, which sounds good, but I'm wary of installing it. The whois info on the domain is anonymous, there doesn't seem to be a cloud option where they might make money, nothing of any value listed under 'about us,' & you see nothing about it anywhere. Makes me wonder if it installs some sort of malware.

I may check into GoodSync v.9.x, since it seems they're moving to the near-realtime sync with that version.

I have way too much stuff I want synced between PCs but not stored in the cloud.

There goes another one of those services that Microsoft killed an replaced by an inferior product...