Report: Bing team working on augmented reality Windows 8 apps

Microsoft's Bing division has released a number of free Windows 8 apps already, offering up news, weather, finance, and other information for owners of the new PC operating system. Now a new report claims that the Bing apps team is working on even more Windows 8 exclusive programs and this time they could have even more advanced features. reports Microsoft is hiring for its Bing Information Platform team to work on Windows 8 apps with augmented reality features. They could include support for " ... camera tracking, to visual and audio recognition, to optical character recognition and translation and vision-based natural-user interfaces."

The report also claims that the Bing AR app team is making an SDK so that other third party Windows 8 apps can use the features that the AR team is creating. There's no word on when these new Bing apps will be released.

There are already a few augmented reality Windows 8 apps available for download from the Windows Store. One of them is Star Chart, an astronomy app from developer Escapist Games. When the AR feature is turned on, a user can take a Windows 8 tablet and point it up to the sky and see information about the stars and constellations that are in the field of view of the Windows 8 device.

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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