Report: Dell DisplayPort LCD Coming this Year

Display technologies consisting of DisplayPort, HDMI and UDI have all been ferociously vying for industry support over the past two years but DisplayPort crossed a major milestone in April when it received approval by VESA to be an industry standard. This week at a business strategy meeting at Dell, the company showed off a prototype LCD panel based on DisplayPort. DisplayPort has several advantages that will allow manufacturers to design thinner LCD panels, Dell's chief technology officer Kevin Kettler said.

Kettler showed a half inch thick LCD that incorporated speakers and a microphone. Audio and video signals route through a single DisplayPort cable. The DisplayPort standard recently adopted a standard that takes advantage of fiber optic cables for signaling. Using technology from a leading DisplayPort task force member named Luxtera, DisplayPort devices that use fiber optics will be able to accept cable lengths unheard of in the industry. DisplayPort LCD panels will be available later this year, Kettler claims.

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News source: DailyTech

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