Report: Google Maps for iOS 6 close to completion

Apple generated one of its biggest blunders in the company's history earlier this fall when it released its own homegrown maps app for the new iOS 6. The apps was so full of errors and laughable image distortions that Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized publicly for the whole debacle.

Apple dumped Google Maps as the default map app for iOS as part of its launch of its own mapping app. There have been tons of rumors, and even blurry screenshots, that suggested that Google was working on its own iOS 6 map app.

Now there's word that Google will reenter the iOS space very soon. The Wall Street Journal reports, via unnamed sources, that Google is close to completing its iOS 6 map app and may submit it for Apple's approval soon. The report adds that this version will have turn-by-turn navigation features, which Google provides for its own Android version of the map app.

There have been some other reports that suggest the new Google Maps app could face some approval issues from Apple itself. However, if Google is indeed working on a map app for iOS 6, we would think they might have talked to Apple ahead of time to make sure the approval process went as smoothly as possible.

Source: The Wall Street Journal | Image via Google

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