Report: Google to launch ‘Nexus TV' box next year

“By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded.” That bold prediction from Google's Eric Schmidt, made in December 2011, was somewhat wide of the mark, and even today - two years on - it's fair to say that Google hasn't exactly come to dominate the smart TV market as he predicted.

But Google's efforts to bring its services to TV screens are far from over. After launching the small $35 Chromecast dongle earlier this year, Google told Neowin that it planned to bring Chromecast support to Google TV in a future update; more recently, it was reported that the company intends to rebrand its Google TV platform as 'Android TV', perhaps in an effort to leverage some of the extraordinary success that the Android brand has seen in the smartphone space. 

It seems that Google may in fact be planning a renewed push into living rooms, with a report claiming that the company will release a Nexus-branded set-top box early next year. According to The Information, which spoke to "people who have seen the device or were told about it", the 'Nexus TV' will include a camera for video calls, as well as offering streaming video services - though not live TV - with an interface controlled via a phone or tablet.

The box would also have a strong focus on gaming, with Android games being played using a custom touchscreen controller, which may be included as part of the package. The Information adds that the box would be "aggressively priced" when it arrives in the first half of 2014.

Source: The Information via Engadget | image via Google

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amazing how the chromebooks have failed for years, harder than the google tv which is relatively newer, and the nexus 10 was a total bust. And yet, google re-launches failed products again and again in the hopes that they will stick...and the tech press giggles...

best free pass of the web.


This has been Microsoft's strategy for years. I don't see why it would be a free pass only for Google.

Just upgrade/install an old PC on living room TV and be done with it. I put $140 in my old PC and I've got something thats 100x better than any cheap set top box, not to mention no stupid restrictions on content.

If they use reasonably fast hardware, maybe this will be good for the brain dead "Click yes to install virus" zombies.

If they're just making application wrappers again... ugh... failure is imminent.

I honestly think Netflix is the only company that gets TV atm.

In Australia to get Eurosport, you have to buy a $74 AUD a month Foxtel package with sports upgrade. I just want Eurosport, and am happy to pay $10-$20 a month for it. Are there any ways around this?

It would be great if there were a Eurosport subscription app on the Google Play (for this upcoming Nexus TV box). Pitty I can only get 340KB/s max where I am located.

Aggressively priced you mean ... like ... the XBone ???
No matter what that nexus box does, it will outsell the pathetic xbone 100:1

This will be the next embarrassment for MS.

Outsell a console that has a year lead on the market, and selling out of all it's supply. Highly unlikely.

What's even more unlikely is that you'll have an enjoyable experience playing phone apps on your TV.

This will be the next unprofitable embarrassment for Google to end production on.

There is no such thing as device profitability for google. Their business is to give away (almost) devices which they can use to 1. collect personal data to better target their ads 2. deliver ads
So, it will be dead cheap. I'm even thinking it could even come for free when you get an android phone (heck we're seeing offers "buy a phone get a free tablet" these days). The xbone is a gaming machine with some clunky entertainment functionality bolted on in a rather awkward way. It is and will always be a gaming machine. The average household is not interested by a gaming machine.
Plus it's highly unlikely for a household to have many xbone, but you can easily imagine you could "smart-enable" several TVs.

Oh well, just another area where MS will get ridiculed by google unfortunately. It becomes quite annoying.

Wait so 1 million consoles in 24 hours is an embarrassment?

Google TV was already an embarrassment for Google and there is no indication this'll be any different, especially when they have so much competition (including the big ol' beauty that is the X1).

Interesting. I have a feeling there is going to be a big push into the living room from several companies in 2014. Looking forward to it

It will be a turkey to those that like to bash it.

Honestly, if MS can flesh out its features, then it has a great product to push against anything Google wants to do. Google simply cant offer the same class of content that MS can on the X1, especially in terms of gaming. If the fight is to be around the all-in-one box, the X1 will have an edge.

Heck, the ps4 wont be a slouch in this either.

The only advantage Google will have is price. We will see if that is enough.

Yep i like to bash it. It's an OK console, it's nothing better than a google tv. And it costs £400+.
I do believe there is a major market for a cheap, well thought, smart device (like a roku but smarter). The Xbone will do well as a gaming console i'm sure, but it will never be that ubiquitous box. A lot of people dont care about gaming.

There are still rumours of a non-gaming, cheaper xbone, lets see what MS will come up with, but given the track record, it will run yet another version of windows, will not be able to run win8 apps, and have basic poorly implemented functionality.

Dont get me wrong, i wish it was an amazing product but it has just been a succession of blunders and an endless source of disappointment so far. And i hate to see that google is on their path to dominate the living room, the same way they did in the mobile.
And i hate to see MS failing, product after product.

I think the issue for Google at the low end is the sheer glut of cheap devices that already do the things a cheap google device can do. Heck, Chromecast already does that. Google already attempted this move with google tv and it just hasn't taken off.

So again, I can see them having an advantage in terms of price, but whether it is more or less capable, that is the question. If they really intend to position this as an all in one device that does gaming (even bundling some sort of touch controller) and media (along with a bundled camera), then they will be directly compared to the likes of the ps4 and X1, especially the X1. They wont be able to avoid the clear difference when it comes to gaming, even if we are talking about a $99 device.

I'm not sure where the endless source of disappointment for the X1 comes from, but I can assure you that its off to a good start, with a good software base to give it a chance to do well as an all around entertainment device. Making Kinect functions integral to the system seems like a real plus that offers a whole host of 'little' features that just make the whole gaming or media experience better. Its got holes in it sure, but they built a base that can be worked and evolved over time.

As far as the cheaper X1 goes, I think you should look closer at MS' recent history and their own actions regarding their goals. They are on track to unify all devices under one core and to share a common app store among these devices. They have already demoed win 8 apps running and being developed on an X1. That is now. All that remains is for them to announce the app store for the X1 accepting such apps in a way that matches the mobile and win 8 stores.

So if the X1 gets that, my guess is that some X1-lite would also have that access. MS is not interested in more segregation among its devices, its looking for synergy. Its been a long time coming, and who knows if they will get it right. But their goals are clear and it would be nice to see them pull it off. Hopefully we don't have to wait much longer to see the fruit of that labor.

Or you can just have it all integrated in one box for whether you have Google Fiber or not, pretty much makes a lot more know?