Report: Hong Kong iPhone 4S pre-orders sell out in 10 minutes

How fast is the iPhone 4S selling out? Try just 10 minutes in Hong Kong. reports that according to Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White, "Our checks indicate that pre-orders in Hong Kong were sold out within ten minutes after becoming available." Pre-orders for Apple's latest smartphone went live in Hong Kong and a number of other countries around the world on November 4. Officially the iPhone 4S goes on sale in Hong Kong on Friday.

This early sales success in Hong Kong bodes well for sales of Apple's smartphone in other parts of Asia. White claims, "We believe this rapid sell out will rest concerns surrounding the uptake of the iPhone 4S in the Greater China region that were driven by the limited language capability of Siri, which did not launch in Mandarin or Cantonese." Apple has yet to announced a release date for the iPhone 4S in China, although White expects that to happen sometime in December.

There doesn't seem to be much to stop the iPhone 4S from being a massive hit in all parts of the globe at this stage. Reports indicate that demand is still exceeding supply close to a month after the iPhone 4S went on sale here in the US. That's not bad at all, especially considering that the early reviews of the smartphone were not totally stellar.

It seems that the ordinary consumer doesn't seem to care much that the case design for the iPhone 4S hasn't changed at all or that it still has 512 MB of RAM when we see other smartphones being sold with 1 GB of memory. No LTE support? No problem, according to Apple fans. All in all, this shows that lots of people like the Apple ecosystem and are willing to jump in even as other smartphones might have better hardware features.

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Just proves you don't have to have the better product to sell well, you can sell anything based on pure marketing/hype.

10 minutes? ill bet when the first philosopher conceptualized marketing, they put a feat like that in the impossible range of marketing achievements.

Apple limited 10 iPhones per customer instead of 2 in other areas, lots of people preordered 10 to sell them for profit.

iPhones in Hong Kong are the cheapest in the world, reselling brand new iPhones is guaranteed profit. The official price of iPhone 4 16GB was HK$4988, but has been resold easily for HK$5000 to HK$9000. Here's a chart that shows how profitable it can be:

People rushed for iPhone 4Ses for profit, me included.

Im not really sure what people expected from a 'new version' of the phone to do ? make tea ?
Phones have gotten quite quickly to a point where any updates are only ever going to be speed bumps and it will be the software that will be the upgrade.
why give it 1Gb ram when it doesnt need it, same goes for the Windows phone why give it Dual Core if it doesnt need it. Maybe next year when Siri is further developed and Windows phone software is improved will the phones need such upgrades.
random rant - I just wish 'everything' was far more expensive so that we actually appreciated what we have and don't keep craving to turn the world into a dumping ground for our kids to try and survive in - rant ends

they didnt mention how many they sold... They just sold out. in us they mentioned that cause its reasonable number for them... But when they sell 20phones they shipped else where they claim sold out.

Jan said,
Other phones may have better hardware, but the software is what counts.

I personally got tired of iPhone for this very reason. iOS i so incredibly stale.

Jan said,
Other phones may have better hardware, but the software is what counts.

Exactly. That's why Android is doing so well.

Asking for change just for the sake of getting changeā€¦
It's without a doubt the GUI that's closest to perfection out there, because it remains stable from a version to another. For now, I'll keep it the way it is