Report: Microsoft to cut price of Surface RT-Touch Cover bundle next week

It's looking like the Surface RT tablet will get yet another permanent price reduction, at least as far as as its bundle with the black Touch Cover keyboard. WPCentral reports, via unnamed sources, that the Surface RT-black Touch Cover bundle prices will be reduced by $50 on Friday, August 30th.

This new report, if true, means that the 32 GB Surface RT would be sold with the black Touch Cover for $399 while the 64 GB bundle package would have a new price of $499. This comes on the heels of the same website claiming that the separate Touch Covers accessories, which work for both the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, will get a $40 price cut next week to $79.99.

This new development means that people who want to get the Surface RT with a Touch Cover, and don't mind if the keyboard has a black color, will be able to save $30 compared to buying the Surface RT and a Touch Cover separately on August 30th, assuming that the Touch Cover price cut rumors are correct. Microsoft has not commented on these reports.

Just a reminder: Microsoft's current $100 price cut on the Surface Pro version of the tablet is scheduled to end August 30th.

Source: WPCentral | Image via Microsoft

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