Report: Nokia to give free Netflix with Lumia Windows Phones

By all accounts, Nokia has come to dominate the Windows Phone ecosystem, with its Lumia range far outselling handsets from HTC, Huawei and Samsung running Microsoft's mobile operating system. But that still makes Nokia the biggest fish in a very small pond, and the company is continuing to explore new options to lure consumers to purchase its devices. 

The latest such promotion has been revealed by the Financial Times, which says that Nokia plans to give away free twelve-month Netflix subscriptions with purchases of Lumia devices. According to "people familiar with the terms" of the deal, it will be exclusively offered to those buying Nokia Windows Phones from Vodafone in the United Kingdom. 

It is not clear whether there are plans to extend this giveaway to other operators or markets, but it is not the first such tie-up between Nokia and Netflix. As the FT notes, six-month Netflix subscriptions have also been offered to those buying Lumia handsets from U.K. handset specialist Phones 4u. In Finland, Lumia 625 buyers were able to snap up a similar deal when purchasing from the Gigantti retail giant. 

The Netflix promotion is expected to run alongside a massive U.K. marketing campaign for Windows Phone, and for the flagship Nokia Lumia 1020 in particular, in the run up to the busy Christmas sales period. Windows Phone market share in the U.K. is now at around 12 percent, making it one of the most successful markets for the OS.

Source: Financial Times (registration required) via The Verge

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