Report: Over 9,000 Windows 8 apps for launch day

Microsoft has declined constantly to say how many Windows 8 apps have been published so far in the Windows Store. At Microsoft's launch event for Windows 8 on Thursday, Windows leader Steven Sinofsky would only say that Windows 8 had more apps available to download than any other OS had for their launch.

Now, a third party website,, claims that for the actual launch date of Windows 8, October 26th, the Windows Store had 9,029 distinct apps to download worldwide. These numbers do not include desktop apps, which can be listed in the Windows Store but are actually downloaded through other websites.

The same site on Wednesday claimed that the Windows Store had 7,873 apps for download. A week before, the Windows Store had 5,563 apps available for users.

Of those apps, the Chinese Windows Store had the most localized apps at 5,553. The US market is slightly behind at 5,179 apps. Every Windows Store marketplace has over 4,000 localized apps, according to the site. 83 percent of the apps are completely free. About six percent of the apps in the store don't currently support Windows RT.

The Games category continue to claim the biggest percentage of Windows 8 apps with 17 percent, followed by a three way tie for second place for Education, Entertainment and Productivity apps at 12 percent each.

Source: WinAppUpdate | Image via WinAppUpdate

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