Report: Valve's Steam Controller won't have a touchscreen after all

The new look of the Steam Controller

Valve is already making changes to its innovative Steam Controller, a few months after the company announced its plans for the gamepad that will be included in all Steam Machines that will use Valve's SteamOS. According to a report on the site, Valve announced during its Steam Dev Days conference today that the controller will no longer have a touchscreen in the middle when the final version is released.

The report, which is based on Twitter messages coming from developers attending the private two day conference in Seattle, claims that the final Steam Controller will now have a D-pad and ABXY buttons. Apparently this is to ensure that the gamepad will have backwards compatibility with older games. A developer attending the conference later posted an image of the new design on his Twitter account.

The touchscreen version of the Steam Controller is no longer happening

Valve has already sent out prototype Steam Controllers to beta testers that have four large buttons in the place where the touchscreen was supposed to go. Today's new report claims that Valve will be making even more changes to the controller as they are still processing feedback from the beta testers. The plan to replace a normal controller's analog sticks with touchpads is apparently still in place.

Source: | Images via Valve and TheIneNatiuon on Twitter

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Cause most of the time you can't play games not made to be used with a controller with your 360 controller ? Analog sticks are awful as mouse replacement. I have xpadder for games not made to be used with a controller and this is a no go most of the time.

Don't get me wrong i love my xbox controller but there's a lot og games i can't play on it. If this controller let me play those games then i'm gonna switch in an heart beat. From the video i've seen it looks like it is working relatively well anyway enough to be playable and definately better than your usual laptop trackpad.

The only question i have is how functional the buttons will be. Doesn't look like the placement is optimal

Edited by LaP, Jan 16 2014, 2:54pm :

This doesn't need a touch-screen for **** sake, what is this bs about ugly controller, when was the first revision of anything beatiful?

This is not even the first revision. This is just a concept art slapped together to show what the final controller might (or might not) looks like. I highkly doubt Valve will make the controller bluish.

This is the ugliest controller ever. Aside from that, there are many games that are just more natural with an analog stick.

Yorak said,
I honestly think they should just sell the controller and distribute Steam OS. The machines are overpriced.

That's exactly what they're doing.

"Steam Machines" at this point is essentially a more flexible version of the Windows logo system.

This is probably what they did. Remember this event was not open to the public nor journalists. This was meant for devs to show them what the final product might looks like. Development units/kits rarely look good since that is not really the point.

Ok, now they dun goofed. Off my wishlist this piece of stuff goes... pfffffllllrrrr. I mean, what the hell is this piece of crap now? Waiting on Xbone for Windows then. Sorry, Gaben, Microsoft just won this round.

Edited by Phouchg, Jan 15 2014, 11:04pm :

No, really. It looked like a solid piece of tech very much along those lines, and now it's just a bloated touchpad with truly excessive amount of unwieldly placed buttons. Someone really needs to be strapped onto his desk on wheels and thrown out from the highest floor Valve HQ has for even thinking of suggesting this, with such a goofy twaddle excuse of compatibility, no less.