Report: Windows 8 apps now number over 4,000

As we get closer and closer to when millions of PC owners will finally get a chance to get Windows 8, the number of "Modern" UI apps available for download in the Windows Store continues to increase. Today, a report from a third party site claims the number of apps in the store has now exceeded the 4,000 mark. says in an update today that the current number of apps in the store is now at 4,326. Last week, the same website claimed there were 3,610 apps in the store. In terms of the app number growth from week-to-week, it has apparently slowed down a bit compared to the last few weeks, but we could see a massive boost in Windows 8 apps available in the store a few days before Windows 8 itself launches on October 26th.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of apps in the store are free, with the site claiming that the free apps are hovering around the 87 to 88 percent mark. There are about 2,854 Windows 8 apps available for US English users of Windows 8. Microsoft has yet to comment officially on the number of "Modern" UI apps currently published in the Windows Store.

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