Report: Windows XP Launch Event in Boston, USA

Got there around 7:30, signed up, lots of people here at this ungodly hour of the morning. Free bag of goodies, loads of blurb, some CD's (Windows XP preview demo features CD, Office XP Pro 30 day trial, Visio Auto Demo), Windows XP spiral notepad, and after the event the obligatory Windows XP T-shirt. Also picked up a few Compaq mouse pads, some Canon pens and a MaxGroup insulated mug.

One point I would like to make, most of the vendors disappointed me, WHY? They (Compaq, Sony, GateWay, Microsoft, SoftChoice to name but a few!) were all showcasing Windows XP. OK, follow me, they ALL had RC2, 2526 build installed!!! The ones that I managed to get near on the Compaq stand was not even registered, as it had 13 days left!

Come on this was the biggest disappointment, no final releases to play with (in the demo room of Pinnacle Training they had final releases!) gees the freaking thing has been available for over two months!!!

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NeoWin EXCLUSIVE BONUS!!! During the launch event, the presenter showed off one of Bill Gates first programs donkey.bas, and the new and improved version! Have a look and let us know what you think!

News source: updated for the year 2001 and download donkey.exe (needs win2k/xp and may need Visual

Download the old 1981 version: donkey.bas (requires GW-BASIC, info on using GW-BASIC here), [Thanks go to Tyrion!]

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