Retailers Estimate Xbox 360 Failure Rate High as 33 Percent

By several metrics, the Xbox 360 is the most successful console so far of this generation. Despite the startling pace of the Wii, the Xbox 360 still has the most consoles sold worldwide and the longest list of games and exclusives. For a gamer looking for online-enabled high-definition gaming today, the Xbox 360 appears to satisfy those needs. One often overlooked factor when considering a console purchase is reliability, an area that is becoming apparent where the Xbox 360 falls short. Anecdotal evidence is heavily pointing to Microsoft's latest console as being significantly more prone to failure than what consumers are accustomed to. Microsoft has said before that its Xbox 360 failure rate falls within three to five percent, what it believes to be well within industry standards. Internet reports from Xbox 360 owners, however, suggest that the failure rate is much higher than that.

In an effort to gain a more accurate picture of Xbox 360 failure rate, DailyTech decided to poll retail outlets that sell the Xbox 360 and with it the option to purchase an in-store extended warranty. Out of all Xbox 360 extended warranties sold, we wanted to know how many were claimed by consumers with defective consoles, thus giving us a more accurate failures percentage. After contacting several retailers from various regions in North America, the responses were unanimous: the Xbox 360 is the least reliable gaming console in recent history. Current EB Games or GameStop employees who offered information did so under strict anonymity, as it is against company policy to reveal such information to the public. Furthermore, our sources confirmed that EB Games revised its Canadian warranty policies during early 2007 for consoles solely due to the failure rate of the Xbox 360.

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lylesback2 said,
who are retailers to say the failure rate? they just sell the console, if anything, microsoft should announce the statistics

You're absolutely right. Retailers have no proof whatsoever on the failure rate. All they have to judge by is how many consoles they sell, and how many get returned with a "does not work" excuse. This cannot be accepted, since 90% of the time when a product is returned, the buyer attaches a "does not work" excuse, even when it is not related to functionality, perhaps they don't like the product. I returned a network card to Wal-Mart with a 'does not work, is malfunctioning' excuse, but underneath it all, the reason of return was because there was no Windows XP 64bit drivers for that product.

Microsoft ensures they thoroughly test their products, and say there is less than a 1% failure rate. I believe them. I own a launch console, and it is still running like it did from day one, 2 years later.

Well out of the 15people I know that have 360s as far as I know 4 of them had to send there system in, only one of those four guys had to do so twice. So 33% is pretty close, of couse this is a small scale sample and really dosen't mean anything. One of them I was there when it died and we were so ****ed because we just rented like 3 games.

On the plus side Microsoft dose deal with the broken consoles very quickly but 33% or anything even near that is way to huge of a number for such a popular device.

i've had my 360 since last year i think summer time, and it's still going strong!

My cousin sent his back, i haven't known anyone else personally who's xbox has died.

My xbox is also in a fairly enclosed are, with airflow from front and back only, and like i said, still kickin.

see I think the problem is overheating... and maybe the failure is that ppl put them on those enclose entertainemt centers, either the ones with the front glass or the ones that have no front but all other sides are blocked...I can see that being a problem.

I have mine on the top shelf with nothing around it, behind it or on top.

I as well am on my third Xbox 360, but quite frankly the turnaround times for returns to MS have gotten so much faster it doesn't even phase me. I can do it in my sleep

1. Register new console
2. Call support, tell them issue
3. Return box is at my house within 3 days
4. Package xbox and have UPS pick it up while im at work (MS pays all fees, you never need to put up a dime)
5. Check status on to make sure console is received
6. New console arrives within a week.

And since I don't have xbox live arcade games to distract me I actually get my reading done that week heh.

Qumahlin said,
I as well am on my third Xbox 360, but quite frankly the turnaround times for returns to MS have gotten so much faster it doesn't even phase me. I can do it in my sleep
I wish my experiences with MS "support" were more like yours. Every time I have to send in a dead 360 (#4 went out yesterday) the time gets longer and longer, from getting the shipping box, to it arriving in McAllen, TX, to getting the inevitable POS refurb. #4 took six weeks to turnaround, and was DOA.

Then you get guys like me who have owned a 360 for a little over 4 months and is already on his 3rd because they keep dying. Thank god for my Best Buy replacement plan.

Im not too big on the replacement plans, Doesn't Microsoft offer a 1 year manufacturing warranty?

My wii broke and they exchanged it for me, I called nintendo tech support and they did something for me that they wernt supposed to do, transfer the virtual console games.

That caused more problems on my system and everything broke. the guy on the nintendo tech support just said to mail it into them and they'll fix it and thats the best way to handle it. I mailed it to them, they replaced my wii with all my virtual console games and I never had a problem since..

I know im comparing a Nintendo product to a Microsoft, but I'm just saying, you don't need to be paying for the replacement plan if you got a manufacturing warranty.

and on a side note, because i dont want to start a post, I can't count how many of my friends have 360's, but 1 friend had a 360 that scratched his disk (guitar hero), and another friend had a 360 that got the RROD due to guitar hero update. Coincidently both instances happened to be Guitar Hero

Hmmm same here... I will say that out of about 20 people I know that have 360's, one reported had a problem. MS sent him a box, he shipped it to them and got it fixed.

I don't know..I guess that makes my friends and me an exception cause we all have working consoles. And mine for example is one the first batch and I have every single accessory hooked up to it.