Retro phone - the "Brick" straight outta time - gives up to six months standby

So '80s, so cool

One thing most smartphone manufacturers have all got in common is the limited standby and talk time that's available on our devices, with most lasting just a working day with general usage. Enter Binatone, a British phone manufacturer that has unveiled a phone that offers up to six months of standby (for the XXL edition) and a whopping 28 hours of talk time.

The phone - which is aptly named the "Brick" - can also connect to an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth to serve as a "comfy" handset, or you can add in your SIM card to use it as a mobile phone to access contacts and calling lists. They also have a landline version that has a reach of around 1 KM from the base station.

The specs are truly retro, operating on the 2G spectrum the phone has a tiny 1.8-inch TFT screen with a resolution of just 128x160p. However, the killer feature is the battery; the Brick can last up to three months on standby on a single full charge, with 28 hours of talk time. This is, admittedly, the "Power" edition of the phone, which runs on a 2000mAh battery and can also be used to charge a second mobile device via a micro-USB port. The standard edition has a 1000mAh battery, which provides "only" one month of standby and 14 hours of talk time; however, you can pick up the XXL battery for either edition which gives you up to six months of standby time.

Another less retro feature is the microSD slot that allows playback of MP3, AAC, AMR and WAV audio files.

Finally, it isn't expensive either, the Brick - which becomes available in the UK from 10 October - costs £50 (€60) ($79 USD) with the Power edition costing £80 (€95) ($126 USD). They will also become available globally from November via the web, coming to physical stores later.

This phone is sure to turn heads when it becomes available as pointed out on the official website: "The Brick is SIMPLE, it’s BULKY, it’s COMFY. It turns heads at every party. Inspired from the early days of mobile phones The Brick was created as the first retro mobile phone ever."

If you have a few quid to spare, we think at the very least it's a cool backup charger for your smartphone with extra features. Would you want one?

Source: c|net | Image: Binatone

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Ironically most people carry around brick phones these days in the form on 6" phablets. But I guess having a big phone is cool now.

Seeing as 1g GSM was recently terminated, anyone have any ideas on when they're looking to kill off 2g GSM?

Spicoli said,
Of course you could just buy a phone with a swapable battery and get unlimited time.

*steve jobs voice* And one more thing.... if there is one thing we learned with the development of the iPhone, it's that no one wants a battery compartment. No one has any reason to change a battery, introducing the iUsbChargerEverywhere.. USB chargers will become the new standard outlet world wide... never have to think about charging again... sure we could of just went with a standard USB Mini plug, but we at Apple feel this is a better way.

Spicoli said,
Of course you could just buy a phone with a swapable battery and get unlimited time.

You'll still have to charge that spare somewhere or at some point so it's not quite the same thing.

i bought a mini brick (half the size of actual brick) in shenzhen while stationed there 2 years back. just for kick. less than 15 bucks. dual sim support. battery lasts 2 weeks. has a pretty loud speaker. which is perfectly useful for conference call speaker phone. otherwise it functions exactly as described above. friends love it. still works today.

I'm not sure whether this is an early april fool's joke.......I get the appeal of the talk time/standby time and the 2G coverage without the constant switching of bands....however.....erm..look at it...!

And the price! Dat Price!

Perfect for travelling. Don't need to charge for the duration, 2G gives excellent coverage, don't need to carry an MP3 player, and depending on how flush the buyer is could be cheap enough to not be a loss if stolen. Looks pretty unattractive to thieves anyway. I imagine it could take a hard drop or two as well.

Sounds like a great product.

I forgot to mention that the charge dock is included with the Power edition, looks like it needs to be purchased separately with the Standard one.