Revealing Windows Phone's ‘hidden' emoticons, Part 2.0

If you’re a Windows Phone user, you’ll undoubtedly already be familiar with the handy ‘emoticon keyboard’ that can be called up when composing a text message or email. But the 54 smileys on that list are just the tip of the iceberg, as the Mango update brought support for a whole range of additional icons that aren’t displayed on the keyboard.

Last week, we revealed 42 additional emoticons – or emoji, if you prefer – that are hidden from view, and now, courtesy of Michael Stroh at the Windows Phone Blog, we have another 40 to share with you:

Remember that all of these (and last week’s) emoji are designed to work in text messages on Windows Phones and in conversations with users of Windows Live Messenger, which is now directly integrated into the Windows Phone 7.5 OS.

Many of the simplest smileys – such as :-) – will work on any platform, but sending less generic icons such as (mo) or (pu) to someone with without a Windows Phone, or in an email, or even to someone with a good ol’ fashioned dumb-phone, might result in unfortunate misunderstandings.

You have been warned.

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The_Decryptor said,

I'm surprised Microsoft didn't implement Emoji, it's not like it's something special to Apple, it's part of the Unicode standard.

They would look completely out of place in metro, aside from the fact they look horrible. I prefer just using symbols as smilies rather than them being replaced by images, I'd like to be able to disable them. If there is a way, then I need to find it out.

Right now I'm typing all these in a text message to my buddy who has a HD7, With description. Then I will copy and past them into a word file and save it to my phone. No way in hell I'm going to remember all this

There must be an easer way.

rev23dev said,
Missing thumbs up and thumbs down

Maybe they're obvious cuz they exist in Messenger already and they're already publicly known

woah these are cool, i just sent my friend about 10 but he has a dumb phone so he's going to be a bit confused