Review: ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

During CES this past January, Neowin had the opportunity to catch up with the guys from ZAGG, makers of invisibleSHIELD, a polyurethane film designed to make your portable devices scratch proof. The invisibleSHIELD film was originally developed to protect the leading edge of helicopter rotor blades, and yes, it's that tough. They had numerous video clips cycling through a presentation that they had setup in a motorhome that depicted numerous stress and scratch tests.

After viewing their presentation and a couple of live demonstrations where they willingly threw their own devices into a bucket of nails and shook them around vigorously, only to emerge unscathed, we were impressed. But we've all tried some of these adhesive protectors before, and they were a pain in the butt to install. We always wound up getting air bubbles, wrinkles, or pieces that just didn't align properly, and consequently ended up curling up around the edges, sliding around instead of staying where they were put, or just flat out peeling off. So to show us just how easy it is to do a proper installation, the guys at ZAGG kindly offered to do a live installation for us, and I offered up my BlackBerry Curve.

And now, 2 months later, here is my Blackberry Curve, still scratch free.

So far, I'm impressed with ZAGG invisibleSHIELD. I've tried several other device protection devices for my Curve, including the neoprene sleeve (which was falling apart) that I disposed of in the video, other adhesive protectors, and non-adhesive "static stick" screen protectors. None of them lasted as long without complications as the invisibleSHIELD has, and none of them had a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee like invisibleSHIELD does. To quote their warranty policy:

The invisibleSHIELD™ purchase includes a lifetime replacement guarantee. We want you to feel safe and secure when investing in your digital life, and that you are confident the invisibleSHIELD™ is the strongest and most durable protection you will find. Purchasing an invisibleSHIELD™ will protect your investment for the life of your device. Proof of purchase and return of original product are required.

The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is simply what it says: If your invisibleSHIELD™ ever becomes scratched, torn, or damaged in any way while protecting your device, we will replace the invisibleSHIELD™ at no cost to you, for as long as you own your device.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD is available online and at retailers such as Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse. A full list of their retail locations can be found on their website. Full body coverage is around $24.95 for most phones and personal media devices, while partial coverage options such as screen only are available for less. They also offer protection for everything from entire laptop surfaces and screens, to the screens on digital cameras and the LCD displays on DSLR's.

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I had ordered 2 in the past both of which i found easy to apply maybe because it was a flat surface. One for my canon which when delivered was the wrong size, after getting in contact and informing them of the correct dimensions they refunded me for the cost.
The other was used on my N80 screen which is on perfectly but the screen cover is far from scratch proof. I have a large scratch across the screen which was caused by a pencil of all things I think. And just having a look at it now i notice even more scratch on it.
So I think that while it does offer extra protection to screen underneath its far from scratch proof.

I've had one on the last two touch screen phones I own. Before I even used my HTC Touch Pro/Fuze, I had one on it. Screen is still a "virgin". Wouldn't go anywhere without one. Unless you have PATIENCE, let someone else put it on, they are kind of tough if you don't know what you are doing. I spent countless hours building scale plastic model planes, so if you are familiar with applying water decals, you shouldn't have any problems.

Ive used them for years. Have a full body one on my PSP, and after 2.5 years on my phone, it still looks nearly brand new, even after dropping it etc. Its some amazing stuff. If you search around on the internet, you can find coupon codes. They usually have 50% off days every couple of months if you are on the mailing list too.

I bought one for my G1 after scratching the cover it ships with. Only £10 for the screen cover and I'm very happy with it. Only problem I had was I found it quite difficult to put on because I got dust on it by mistake :<. Other then that, it works like a charm. And that 1000 pound video is just....amazing. I knew it was strong, but didn't know it was that strong!

I was thinking about purchasing 1 for my new LG Vu. But I seen the $20 buck price tag at Bestbuy and decided to wait. I am still considering getting one, but 20 bucks for a piece of plastic is just tough.

Yep. I got one for my LG Dare but just for the screen. I use a sleeve for the body of the phone. It is really amazing stuff and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

I ordered one 2 months ago for a friend for his Iphone 3G and it is really great. Read in some articles that InvisibleShield and BodyGuard offer the same protection BUT they aren't as pretty: you can see the rough texture on the skin more clearly on those. And if you look around for promotional codes on the internet you can get ZAGGshield at 50% of the normal price.

Got one of these on my Touch HD, love the protection it offers although my installation wasn't 100% great. Considering getting another although it's not so bad that I can't live with it how it is Would certainly get it again for any other mobile device I buy and wished I had gotten one for my iPod Touch too now.

As someone else mentioned, unless invisibleshield are sold at discounted price, it's worth it. Otherwise, I'd go with BSE, exact same material and pay for less.

I have this applied to my cellphone (Samsung Alias) and while it protects against scratches well, I have problems with the edges getting messed up. On a few of the corner areas it collects lint and fibers from my pocket so that the corners don't stay on any more. Looks kind of bad :-/.

At least you guys had a live installation, I had to do it myself. InvisibleSHIELD may be good, but it really SUCKS to put on. (I still don't have mine on right)

I ordered one for my Curve last week... I'm still waiting for it to arrive It's going to be pain to install, though.

deck said,
I ordered one for my Curve last week... I'm still waiting for it to arrive It's going to be pain to install, though.

Wasted a few for the same thing hehehe ..

Purple Haze said,
Why can't they make screens this tough in the first place if these guys can make a simple covering that is so effective?

Because these stupid companies aren't employing smart people like you.

I liked having the invisibleSHIELD protectors when I use Windows Mobile devices but I didn't care for it when I used one on my iPhone. The shield has a texture I just don't seem to like on the iPhone as your finger runs over it. When I used WM devices it wasn't an issue since I was using a stylus.

You know, I bought this for my new phone (LG Venus) because it looked great. Unfortunately, it's been a mess. Yes, it does protect against scratches and the like, but it is very difficult to get on properly. I tried a few times and finally got it on the way I wanted without an air bubbles (this was a pain) but by this point it had gotten dust on it. I washed it off but the dust just cannot come off. I stuck it back on and it works but it looks like crap now and the touch screen is much harder to use with this on. Also, it is difficult to get it to stay put when there are corners- it always seems to slide off and gather dust on corners and edges.

Proper installation seems to be key. Some of their retail locations, mall carts, etc. supposedly offer installation, which would probably be worth it. I've tried forcing mine to slide and haven't been able to do so. I'm sure it would come off if I were to pry up a corner and peel it off, but so far, it's stuck on there pretty well, and I have no reason to try to peel it off.

Very true. I should have just left it on after the first try. Nevertheless, installation is a pain and has to be done in a dust-free environment with good lighting, good coordination, and some luck.

I've used them on my two iPhones and have experienced muck settling under the edges of the InvisibeShield after a few months, having to chop bits off.

I wish they could just mould the "film" to the shape of the devices rather than you having to "origami" the wretched thing.

Also use this on my Late 2008 MBP, an excuse to manhandle it.

I've found that InvisibleShield is alright, but BestSkinsEver wins hands down on my iPod Touch for outstanding customer service (you don't have to return the product for a replacement) and because they have better skin designs, making the iPod corners more protected than with the InvisibleShield. They're both made from the same material but BSE doesn't include the fancy packaging and spray (water with soap) so it's much cheaper. Btw, I've tried both products and stuck with BSE.

I've had many InvisibleShields and they've shipped me replacements without requiring anything extra. Also I wouldn't consider skin designs a feature. I don't want to see anything. I like it looking like nothing is on it I agree the corners aren't the best with them though.

I've used them for years. I wouldn't use an iPod/iPhone without one. Damn things get scratched so easily. Not only does this protect against that, but it gives them real nice grip so they don't slide off angled surfaces.