RIAA says someone else was pirating on their IPs

Yesterday we reported on how both the Recording Industry Artists of America (and the United States Department of Homeland Security) were caught red handed with their IP addresses being used to download every episode of the Showtime series DEXTER. Well, obviously, RIAA has a perfectly logical explination for how this happened.

“Those partial IP addresses are similar to block addresses assigned to RIAA. However, those addresses are used by a third party vendor to serve up our public Web site. They are not used by RIAA staff to access the Internet,” a spokesperson for RIAA told CNET.

Basically, it wasn't us!

It's almost the same defense that the people RIAA commonly sues for downloading material would use. That a friend was over using their Internet and did it without their consent. That their wireless wasn't secure and that it must have been a neighbor. That someone hacked into their computer and did the downloading without their knowledge. RIAA's lawyers never seem to believe it in court, yet RIAA is using the same type of logic to defend themselves.

Except those IP address belong to RIAA. An IP address isn't just similar to another address. It's either the address, or it isn't. As TorrentFreak points out, the listing of RIAA's IP addresses is publicly avaliable on the ARIN website. If RIAA owns the IP addresses, they're just as legally liable as those individuals they come after. Maybe there would be one good thing to come out of SOPA if it were passed, in a cruel twisted way, it could allow us to shutdown the RIAA for copyright infringement.

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Thats what I would have said too.
Here's the thing.
If you have a wireless router setup with WPA or any other type of security, only computers that has been associated to your router can use it. Its not entirely possible to prevent someone from bypassing your WPA protection, but its also unlikely and requires special ethernet cards and Linux.

Anyone or anything that defends the RIAA needs to be beheaded and laughed at for being a fail. Those who do not defend the buggers should be congratulated and given respect.

Lol these people are joke. They can sue people for downloading music and movies even tho those people dont have computers in the house. then they try using this excuse that it wasn't them.

Maybe there would be one good thing to come out of SOPA if it were passed, in a cruel twisted way, it could allow us to shutdown the RIAA for copyright infringement.

Except SOPA wouldn't work that way. In the United States, we have other laws and mechanisms in place (e.g. the DMCA) for dealing with copyright infringement.

SOPA is designed to allow what would essentially amount to the US's own "Great Firewall." The provisions in SOPA would allow the copyright holders to black-hole a site/IP/etc. that is located outside of the US that is infringing on a US copyright holder's copyright.

They set the bar so they can do whatever they like. No matter how it may look, its always gonna end up one way for them and another for the rest of us.

Astra.Xtreme said,
They might as well have come out and say "It was us, but we're above the law".
That's ultimately what they meant anyway.

As Judge Dredd said, "I am the law!" LOL

They were clearly pirating for edumacational purposes too! Basically what their setting as an example here is: Dont pirate if you plan on making a profit from it.

Randall_Lind said,
All pirates say the same thing LOL

Erm nope, most of us don't think it warrents lieing about. I'm not ashamed to illegally download because every single good game I've downloaded I've then bought off Amazon or Play.com, the crap ones however are discarded.

zeta_immersion said,
someone should start a some sort of group lawsuit or whatever is called, lets send them bankrupt

Class Action

SirEvan said,

Class Action

yes, thank you, forgot what it is called ... sue their pants off ... I bet if some Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard uni. law students or even grads put their heads together, they will be able to wipe the floor with them (then again, all this will get swiped under the carpet within a week, just like everything else)

Dot Matrix said,
Sure.... Sure...

Dont they sue regardless of whether they find the owners being responsible or not? They dont care if someone even steals ur Wifi so why should we care