RIM reportedly planning for major restructuring

Research in Motion is reportedly getting ready to make some major changes and it has begun its preparations by doing what many companies do in this situation; hire some lawyers. Reuters reports via unnamed sources that the makers of the Blackberry has hired the law firm of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP. The firm will reportedly work with RIM to create a restructuring plan for the company.

Some of the things the law firm might recommend to RIM include selling off some of its assets, along with the licensing of some of its patents. The firm might also suggest trying to have RIM partner up with some other companies.

The final resort for Canadian-based RIM would be selling off the company completely. A few weeks ago, Canadian Federal Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, said his government wouldn't try to keep RIM from being acquired by a company based in another country.

RIM has seen its Blackberry smartphones lose lots of market share to the iPhone and various Android devices. Indeed, it's even looking like Windows Phone is now being promoted as a true viable third mobile operating system ahead of Blackberry. Verizon has given strong hints that the nation's largest wireless carrier might finally be ready to jump back into the Windows Phone business later this year.

If that happens, it's going to be bad news for RIM as it tries to launch the Blackberry 10 smartphone and OS in late 2012.

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"Major Restructuring"......finally someone sees the light. Its almost to the point where a complete overhaul is needed. RIM's new CEO thought he could sound smart by his original statement that the company doesn't need much change, which he later retracted by saying that they need to make some major changes. Plus, all this talk about concentrating on the "enterprise market"? C'mon RIM, its no longer a cellphone. Its a mobile device that can make phone calls. The stronghold you had on the enterprise market has endured some major erosion, from IOS and Android, while you were asleep.

I really hope these lawyers are good and igniting the mobile device using polpulation.

Of course Nokia lost much more last quarter but you don't see near the level of inflammatory reporting for them as you do RIM by everyone. I'm sure because Microsoft is tied to them.

The mistake they made is waiting to release BBX with newer hardware. They should have just released it on current hardware to get it out there like Microsoft did. Windows Phone was never really ready to be released which is why the newer version is based on the NT kernel. It was just a stopgap which is what RIM needed.

The fact that we're STILL talking about Blackberry X and it's OS in the future tense is part of the problem... RIM has pretty much stalled their business.