RIM Settles With Samsung Over BlackJack

Remember when Apple got its panties in a bunch over some company using "i" in front of their product? Well now there's the Research in Motion BlackBerry and the Samsung BlackJack. RIM doesn't like the Samsung using the "Black" prefix because it is "misleading the public into falsely believing that Samsung's goods and services are connected with RIM's business." If that's not enough for you, RIM also asked Samsung to deliver every BlackJack device so that it can be set "for destruction." Thankfully RIM and Samsung have settled the lawsuit regarding unspecified damages over the "trademark similarities". Samsung has permission to continue selling the BlackJack in its current incarnation. It is unlikely, however, that there will be any other products with the name since the South Korean company must withdraw its trademark application for the name. The rest of the terms of the settlement are confidential.

News source: DailyTech

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The reason that this is valid is because BlackBerry is the iPod of smart phones (not including the iPhone :p), Samsung created their own smart phone with a name very similar to RIM's. If they created a microwave named BlackJack, nobody would care, but when you create a competing product with a similar name, they do.

If someone creates a vacuume cleaner called the cleanPod, they should be aloud to use the name, if someone creates an mp3 player called the musicPod, Apple's lawyers will be all over it.

Lawsuits like these are stupid and pointless and usually are only upheld in the US or parts of EU. China is running rampant with complete clones- not just similar sounding names. There not much for enforcement there.

Build a better product and let the consumer decide. If Joe Sixpack does it cheaper and better than so be it. It's a common name, you shouldn't be allowed to trademark those. (though I know it’s done) It adds to the heard mentally. I can make up my own mind RIM. The Samsung ad's pretty clear that the Blackjack is a Samsung product.

All this amounts to is a legal way of extorting money from Samsung. Continuing the despicable practice corporate lawyers are known for. Notice they still get to use the name on the phone. And they’re not recalling all of the product.

The real question is: What would RIM have done if Samsung named it the Crackberry?? :P

Well I just made up some type of product.. *Not to be released for years to come* starting with the word The. If any product comes out with the word 'The', or is associated with 'The', I want that product to be renamed and 50% of profits to go to me.

What a load of bull, I understand the take that it may be associated, but if thats the case, it looks like anyone could sue over this 'bs' reason.

I must be different, because I did. The first thing I thought when I heard the name, before I knew who made it, was it must be a new RIM device.

This whole thing is lame.

I suppose that Samsung might have done it on purpose specifically so it would seem closely related with the BlackBerry, but still... It's a word, for the love of Mike!