Rogers begins Lumia 900 pre-orders with Dark Knight Rises tie-in

While US residents are still waiting for AT&T to begin offering pre-orders for the Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 900, its neighbor to the north is not wasting any more time. Rogers in Canada has started accepting pre-orders for the Lumia 900 for both new and returning Rogers customers.

The price for the smartphone in Canadian dollars will be $99.99, which is the same price AT&T plans to offer the Lumia 900 when it goes on sale in the US. However, the company has yet to say when the Lumia 900 will go on sale. Rogers is offering Lumia 900 pre-orders a chance to win some cool prizes that are tied into the upcoming and long awaited third Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises; Rogers hinted at such a contest earlier in March.

Pre-orders will be entered into a contest where the grand prize winner, along with his or her family and friends, will get a special private screening of the movie, plus a special Dark Knight Rises version of the Lumia 900. Five other winners will get that same special version of the phone with Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headsets by Monster. The contest ends on April 10, which may or may not be a clue as to when the Lumia 900 might be released by Rogers.

Image via Rogers

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Has anyone thought that maybe they haven't released the Lumia due to the Batman advertising partnership. Maybe the phone itself will be heavily show cased in the movie and they plan to release the phone to coincide with the official release of the movie. Since this is a highly anticipated movie, im sure plenty of people are going to ask what phone was used in the movie generating additional marketing buzz.

Denis W said,
Cool. (not so much for that picture though)

Would be interesting to see how Rogers advertises WP handsets.

Can't help thinking it may have been on purpose. It does grab attention and make people glance at it again.

Relativity_17 said,

Can't help thinking it may have been on purpose. It does grab attention and make people glance at it again.

Good point. Definitely an eye catcher for sure.