RS690T to have dedicated graphics RAM

IN ORDER TO IMPROVE the performance of the integrated X700 graphics on the RS690T chipset, we can reveal that ATI have decided to add the option of a local frame buffer to their north bridge.

This is mainly to get around a major limitation of the K8 platform: lower memory latency to the CPU comes at the expense of higher memory latency to the integrated GPU on the north bridge. Instead of talking to the RAM directly, as on an Intel GMCH, AMD chipsets must look over the HT bus to the memory controller on the CPU, which can badly decrease performance of integrated graphics. Which aren't exactly the best performing devices in the world anyway.

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Ok. So how much are they going likely throw onto the board (frame buffer I mean), and how much is it likely to cost?

The thing that I'm really wanting to see, is that motherboard chipsets that have integrated video, have separate optional vram DDR2 or DDR slots.

Say you've 2 gigs of ram in your system, but nothing pugged-in at the vram slots, it does the slower "access by HT to the cpu memory controller" but if you slide some 512 DDR or DDR2, it uses that directly.

It would require some more development than what they're planning, but the tech would go a long way, don't you think?

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It will probably be on-board GDDR2 chips, not DIMM slots. Why? Nobody makes GDDR2 in DIMM form, that's why.
GDDR2 is not the same thing as DDR2.

Since the article says that they'll be adding the "local frame buffer to their north bridge" I assume they mean they'll be adding the frame buffer to the NB and the frame buffer's GRAM will be soldered to traces on the MOBO.

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