Rumor: 3D smartphone in development at Amazon?

There have been rumors of Amazon developing smartphone products for almost a year now, but today a new article in the Wall Street Journal claims that one of the gadgets the company is working has a 3D display that can be seen without the need of glasses.

The story, citing unnamed sources, claims Amazon's project will have the 3D image appear to float above the smartphone display from all viewing angles. It also states that the device could allow owners to navigate through the phone's content via eye movements.

The article says that the 3D smartphone is one of several upcoming hardware products currently in development at Amazon's Lab126 campus in Cupertino, California. Another smartphone model is supposedly in the works at the lab, along with a streaming audio product. Amazon is also rumored to be working on a TV set-top box at the lab. That product could be released later this fall.

Even though the 3D smartphone is being worked on at Amazon, the story states that the company could choose to cancel its development due to factors such as cost or performance. As expected, Amazon has not commented on its future hardware plans.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Image via Amazon

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I have Evo 3D too and the LG Optimus 3D. 3D is more impressive on LG, but the phone fails on everything else. Crashes continuously and is full of bugs on the regular 2D part of system.
I have an Fuji 3D Real W3 camera. That 3D is stunning and more impressive than both phones. It helps it high resolution LCD (better than lg or htc 3d phones)

i used to have the HTC EVO 3D

it was just a gimmick

it worked very well and all, and it was cool to show off to people

but it wasnt anything amazing

tell me about it... I am still using EVO 3D and the only time I use that feature is when people ask me "why does the back of your phone looks like a cassette".