Rumor: Apple television to include Kinect-like game console?

There have been rumors aplenty about Apple's possible launch of a iOS-based television product in the last several months. Now a new report claims that there will be even more to this TV product than first believed. According to Cult of Mac, citing unnamed sources, the Apple television device will also come with some kind of game console.

The report claims that the console will feature touch controls, much like the other iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad have. Once more, the report also claims there will be some kind of motion gesture support similar to what Microsoft has developer for the Xbox 360's Kinect add-on.

Previous Internet rumors have claimed Apple might launch the TV product before the end of 2012. If that turns out to be true, it could be bad news for console makers Microsoft and Sony, who are not expected to launch the successors to the Xbox 360 or the PS3 before the end of 2013.

It could also be a thorn in Nintendo side as it plans to release the Wii U by the end of the year. An Apple TV product with a console included in the package could take a lot of the thunder away from the Wii U launch.

The article tries to tie in this new rumor with the recent reports claiming that Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Valve's offices last week. It's known that Valve is working on some kind of gaming hardware projects. A collaboration between Apple and Valve is certainly possible, although Valve CEO Gabe Newell has been critical in the past of any set-up with a closed system similar to Apple and the iOS platform.

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I just can't imagine this being good for Apple. The pricing model that console manufacturers need to abide by to compete goes against everything Apple believes in. And pricing themselves out of the market would hurt them in the end as I don't think the Apple fans would carry over as well as they did to a tablet device...

This is a Rumor/Scliam this is not from Apple itself they did not annouce anything nore is this gonna happen Why? because they got the iPad and iPod touch for gaming so i could see the only thing to happen is it runs iOS and you can run all your games and Apps right on it with the ipod touch as the controller and that is it nothing more as it will comply with the rest of the iOs Devices in the i-line of things

How stupid would apple be to launch a separate but integrated console in to a TV with separate control touch control system be just dumb now a TV i could see but we will see tho

I think Apple should change their image a bit by embracing PC gaming first rather than jumping into console gaming. Valve has already done a decent job at porting their Source engine-powered titles to Mac OS X. If Apple can get other developers to do it, then it'd be even better. So far, the only developers I know that make popular games for Mac OS X are Valve and Blizzard.

Something like this would help consumers though. Competition in any market is usually a good thing as it promotes innovation and lower prices.