Rumor: Dual screen Asus Taichi to now cost close to $2,000?

Without a doubt, the Asus Taichi is one of the most unique notebook designs we have seen that was created for the first wave of Windows 8 exclusive notebooks. Retailers started taking pre-orders for the Taichi in mid-October, before the launch of Windows 8, with the starting price of $1,299.

However, the Taichi notebook has yet to be shipped and recently the company said that they would "likely" start shipping to US pre-orders sometime later in December. We hope that the people who jumped in early got their orders approved because a new rumor claims that Asus may now price the Taichi well above its original entry point.

Digitimes reports, via unnamed sources, that Asus will launch the Taichi notebook at the IT Month trade show in Taiwan, in December, at a cost of $1,992. The story claims that "yield rate and cost problems" have caused Asus to raise the price of the notebook.

We did some checking and found that still has the Taichi listed for its original price but that the site shows the notebook to be "out of stock" and "may or may not be restocked". also has a listing for the Taichi but there's no long a price listed for the notebook. This would certainly give Asus room to raise the price of the device when it starts to take orders for it again.

Source: Digitimes | Image via Asus

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Asus has made a mess of so many tablet launches the past few years. The Tranformer Prime for example was a complete mess. I would not trust pre ordering any Asus product at this time.

It was at the Win8 stand at the gadget show in london at the weekend. It looked pretty nice tbh, thinner than i expected but didnt get much chance to really play with it tbh

This thing will either never see the light of day or it will have a hilariously short availability before it's gone.
While it's a neat idea on paper, this won't succeed...especially for $2k.