Rumor: Google to acquire Twitter in the near future

Since its creation, Twitter has become a massive hit, not only with regular consumers but with celebrities and businesses too. Google, not one to be left behind, has noticed this and rumors are flying that the search giant is currently in talks with Twitter regarding a buyout.

Multiple sources have told TechCrunch that the negotiations are in early stages, as well as late stages. That is, different sources are reporting different rumors, but one thing is clear: chances are high of Google owning Twitter. Recently, Twitter turned down offers of Facebook buying them out, for $500 million dollar. This suggests that Google is offering a price far more significant than this. Additionally, one of the TechCrunch sources has stated that Google and Twitter are also working together to make a "Google real time search engine."

So, why would Google want to own Twitter? Well, they currently don't have anything that is like what Twitter offers. Not only that, but as mentioned, Twitter is very well established. Personally, I would have liked to see Twitter remain independent, but perhaps an acquisition would be a good thing. What does Neowin think?

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Baked said,
I hope they buy it and close it down or they ruin it....It's crap a waste of bandwidth.

It is, indeed. But 99% of internet people love to waste time :-)

FoxieFoxie said,
This is not rumor, it's a guess.

Same as I say: Rumor: MS to aquire ad network soon

Two sources have said it's happening; that, to me, is a rumor.

Sam Symons Live said,

Two sources have said it's happening; that, to me, is a rumor.

And 2nd one took info frmo techcrunch as well, right?

The fact is, someone will buy Twitter in time, that's what happens (as it did with MySpace etc).

Twitter are suffering from lack of funds and decent servers, quite often the service goes down, so a buyout would help improve the service (short term anyway!).

Windows7even said,
wasn't april fools 2 days ago? :)-

Indeed it was. Why are still thinking about it then? April 1st is so 2days ago.

Google? I thought MS started working with twitter already... I'm seeing MS getting twitter and merging it into facebook and windows live.

Personally I don't care about twitter but most of the stuff Google does fails, even youtube became abysmal lately, with endless buffering issues and localized content that fails, with half the results ending up to be faux videos.

What about Docs? Orkut? Half of their stuff stays in the perpetual beta..they have Search, pretty much nothing else. They are going to put ads everywhere on Twitter? Get the **** out of here.

I am on Twitter, but I find that when you are following a lot of people managing that information becomes a chore. Unless I'm missing something do most people just ignore the main feed of updates from everyone and just focus on the people they want to read about by clicking on them or searching? I'll admit I'm still trying to make it something I can use but I find it overwhelming.

I have the same problem. I have friends, then I have news and other crap. I miss out on friends tweets because of the others tweeting every 2 minutes.

Google got YouTube and it got very commercial quick and went down hill IMO. I like Google search but this is getting stupid.

So in the midst of an economic crisis Google likes to remind us that they have SO MUCH money they don't even know what to do with it. Unfortunately, Twitter will become irrelevant much more rapidly than Google but if they keep on "enhancing" (selling) people's Internet experience they can make their money back quickly.

Better Google by it than a company that hasn't got a clue about the internet, the way it's going with all the celebrities and media hype around Twitter, i can see some big media company buying it out and killing it stone dead.
Google knows what it is doing with the net.

As much as i like things to stay small and independent, Twitter is way past that stage already and will flounder under it's own weight without financial and helpful back up.

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