Rumor: Intel's TV set top plans delayed and could get cancelled

Intel announced earlier this year it was developing an ambitious plan to offer consumers an Internet TV service combined with an advanced set-top box, with the brand name OnCue. Now new rumors claim those plans are in major jeopardy, with one report stating that it will miss its planned late 2013 launch and that it could be cancelled entirely.

Variety reports, via unnamed sources, that Intel is now looking at a launch for its TV service sometime in 2014. However, that plan is apparently based on finding suitable partners that would join with Intel in this effort. Variety says that Netflix, Samsung and Amazon have all been approached by Intel to help with their TV efforts but it's unknown if those discussions will amount to anything.

Previous rumors about Intel's TV set-top box and service, based on hands-on reports, claimed that it was a "significant advance over any existing cable or satellite platform." However, Variety claims that Intel has yet to make any agreements with television content providers, which are needed to make this kind of service work. Many in the TV industry are skeptical that Intel will be able to be successful in this project.

Source: Variety | Image via Intel

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No shocker here. I dont think any company is big enough to pressure them into changing this. Heck Congress couldnt even get legislation for this off the ground.

Great ideas and features put into this product, but they took too long to release it. This one always stood out from the others to me as a premium product. I never like any other settop box before it, I've waited a while.. It never was released.... Now Instead of the Intel box under my TV I will have a Xbox one there. I'm not even sure if it can compete in the market anymore. oh well.

Well no ****ing ****. You really think the content providers WANT to give you a-la-carte channels for cheap? No. Heck, it's Disney's ESPN bundling which costs a crap ton that is like 1/3 of your cable bill.

no matter if they get this thing going or not, the one big blow is sports. the regionals have been swallowed up by the cable co's,and good luck getting them to play ball.