Rumor: iPhone 5 press event to be held at Apple's campus

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal's web site reported that Apple's press event to introduce the long awaited iPhone 5 smartphone will be happening on October 4. It's a date that Apple itself still hasn't officially confirmed yet, but is sticking to its guns about the October 4 timeline. Now the same web site is reporting via unnamed sources that the iPhone 5 press event will be held at Apple's main campus, located in Cupertino, California.

Why is this significant? Because, if this is true, it represents a change of pace for Apple press events. Normally the company holds such media pow-wows in downtown San Francisco. All of the previous iPhone press events were held in the city as well as both iPad launch events. The article doesn't seem to know why Apple has decided to hold the iPhone 5 launch at its own offices but it speculates that the ever shifting release date of the iPhone 5 may have made it hard to reserve a space in San Francisco to hold the launch event.

In any case, it seems like we should be getting some official word from Apple about the iPhone 5 launch any day now. Indeed, yet another rumor claims that Apple is telling its employees not to take any days off on October 9-12 and also on October 14-15. If that's true, that could mean the iPhone 5 will actually go on sale sometime in those time frames. In the meantime, all of us have just wait and see what Apple will reveal.

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You guys, that rumur is completely false, 4 one thing: us Apple Developers still are on Beta 7 of Apple IOS 5.0, and we usually get it at least 1-2 weeks before the general public. 4 another thing Apple is still having reliability problems with ICloud and ITunes Match with a ICloud Data Reset that occurred last Thursday, and an ITunes Match Data Reset that occurred today. Unless they ship the IPhone 5 with either IOS 4.3.5 and/or IOS 4.2.10, it will most likely be delayed. Just FYI.

BK201 said,
The John dude seems to be on a roll with all these rumors recently

I heard a rumour that John is starting all of these rumours!

Muhammad Farrukh said,
All we need is another Rumor.
Come on, October 4 or 5, be here already

I am not a huge fan of the 100's of rumors as well but I think this will all end next week when apple sends out the invitations to the press event.

Muhammad Farrukh said,
All we need is another Rumor.
Come on, October 4 or 5, be here already
is this guy being sarcastic? haha