Rumor: Lumia 800 to be released in US Feb. 14

In January, Microsoft announced at CES 2012 that it would start selling unlocked versions of Nokia's Lumia 800 smartphones at its Microsoft Stores at some point. Now The Verge claims, via unnamed sources, that it has more information about these plans. According to the story, the Lumia 800 will start showing up at the 15 Microsoft Store retail locations in the US on Feb. 14. This will apparently be the only official way that US residents will be able to purchase the Lumia 800.

As previously announced, the version of the Lumia 800 that will be sold in Microsoft Stores will be unlocked and not tied into one wireless carrier. What's more interesting is that, according to the story, Microsoft plans to sell the Windows Phone-based device for a whopping $899. For that price, Microsoft is throwing in a number of hardware extras, including a Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker, a Purity HD stereo headset, and an unnamed in-ear Bluetooth headset.

This will be the second phone in the Lumia series of smartphones to officially be sold in the US. T-Mobile started selling the Lumia 710 in January and AT&T is expected to begin selling the Lumia 900 smartphone sometime in mid-March.

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they'll selll it for that price for those that want it, then you'll be able to buy it off contract from ATT for 500 bucks.

$899 is not going to happen. Since unlocked Lumia 800 phones sell for around $550.00 it wouldn't help MS to sell it at the same price point to compete. Throwing in those items for $499 would be a nice way to pick up the Nokia brand.

Eh when it comes to AT&T in like 2 weeks or w/e it'll be like every other smartphone in America, $99-$199 on contract and $499-$549 off contract.

So you might as well wait till then, unless you really really want the accessories.

Wow...a 64GB iPhone 4S is 899.99 retail. I can't see myself paying that much for a Windows Phone...not yet. So that means the Lumia 900 is going to be 999?!

Wow 899 is incredibly high, I really really want to pick up a Windows Phone but looking at $300-400 firm price range.

Frazell Thomas said,
I'm at a loss. Why release the 800 unlocked in the US. Wouldn't the 900 unlocked be a better deal?

The nokia lumia n800 is a smaller phone with similar hardware, it helps that they have more options for consumers.

carson2255 said,

The nokia lumia n800 is a smaller phone with similar hardware, it helps that they have more options for consumers.

Or: "We the carriers we will not carry any Lumia 900 if you try to sell it unlocked as well"........

That $899 price is ... um ...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to high.

Even including the accessories. Where is the logic in this? I must be missing something!