Rumor: Many Microsoft employees want new CEO named soon

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced his plans in late August to retire from the company, and since then an internal committee, which includes Chairman Bill Gates, has been trying to find a person to take over the top job. It's now late December, and the committee's lack of guidance on who they might select is reportedly making some Microsoft employees nervous.

AllThingsD says it has talked with "dozens" of Microsoft team members and reports that most of them want a resolution on the CEO matter by the end of 2013. One unnamed exec is quoted as saying, "Everyone is just waiting for the decision. Even though we are supposed to be carrying out the new One Microsoft plan that Ballmer created, it’s pretty much a wait-and-see for everyone."

The report claims that Ballmer has been meeting with Microsoft team members as if he is still going to be around at the company for a while longer. It stated that one meeting he held with more than 500 directors discussed Windows 8 while another had Ballmer bringing up the possibility of Microsoft making gamer-themed PCs. The report also said that Ballmer cried during another conference due to the fact that he would be leaving Microsoft soon.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who was once considered the front-runner for the Microsoft job, is now apparently not the leading candidate anymore. Other internal names that might still be in the running include cloud services leader Satya Nadella and strategy and evangelist head Tony Bates, along with former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.

Source: AllThingsD | Image via Microsoft

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"Ford CEO Alan Mulally, who was once considered the front-runner for the Microsoft job"

As far as I know he was only considered by the tech media; since they were always putting up some "news" about how he was "considered" to be the next ceo (only considered by those in the tech media)

Mulally himself has even said he's not going to leave Ford - so it was all a hype by the tech media (...again, as far as I've read - I tended to stay away from "news" articles that mentioned Microsoft and Mulally in the same sentence)

Employees viewpoint about the 2013 : several key executives left MS, leaving some project without a proper head, some office were closed and other products didn't worked as expected.

What do they want, then? The guy should stop attending company meetings and not do anything just because he is supposed to retire in a year?

That's not what this article is about. "Everyone" in that article just does not want to be in a state of limbo since it makes it hard to decide on roadmaps.

He said he'd be there for another year, so yeah, it will be a while longer. Why did they think that plan would suddenly change?

It might be better not to rush such a decision though, and Bill Gates was supposed to spend time grooming the future CEO. Now that won't be possible. Stupid decision by the board.

Of course people want to know the new CEO. Until the CEO is named there is uncertainty, no one likes uncertainty.

You have heard rumors from Xbox to Bing being closed down, etc... I am sure everyone is a bit nervous about their future until the new CEO is named and his plans for the company are explained.

I'm sure there are many for whom the decision may affect their willingness to pursue other employment opportunities as well.

Step 1: Find 0.024% of the employees at Microsoft
Step 2: Ask ridiculously obvious question to write ridiculously obviously "report"
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

I'm sending my resume. I'll cancel RT, make Windows 9 very cheap and if they want to force me out they have to name my successor first:)

stevan said,
I'm sending my resume. I'll cancel RT, make Windows 9 very cheap and if they want to force me out they have to name my successor first:)

don't forget about closing Bing and selling off Xbox.

Oh and you better sell Windows 9 for free, not cheap. And it must be Win 7v2.

Well here is one MSFT employee who would like the new CEO named soon, but only if the proper vetting process has been completed. Please don't rush just to make an imaginary deadline.

Mister Chief said,
I already started 2 weeks ago. We just need to sort the PR stuff before the official public announcement.

I just telling Bill I like your comments about wanting and already started.