Rumor: Microsoft may revive Heroes TV show for Xbox

In September, Microsoft announced that it hired Nancy Tellem, a former president of CBS Television Studios, to become its first Entertainment & Digital Media president. Tellem would also run a new Microsoft-owned Xbox entertainment studio. It didn't get a ton of attention at the time. Now there's word that Microsoft may be in discussions to revive a cult hit TV series as part of an effort to add original video content for its Xbox division. reports via unnamed sources, that Microsoft (incorrectly called MSN in the article) is in the "preliminary stages" of plans to launch a new version of Heroes, which is owned by NBCUniversal. The series, which presented a world filled with super heroes but without the usual capes and tights, ran on NBC from 2006 to 2010 for 77 episodes. The article claims that, if Microsoft's deal goes through, the new version of Heroes will concentrate on introducing new characters, with possible cameos from characters from the original series.

It's not exactly a shock to learn that Microsoft might be interested in giving Xbox owners original video content in the future. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video are all offering original or exclusive content on their streaming video series in addition to their library of old TV shows and movies. However, Microsoft certainly has the money to help fund a high budget TV series that would be comparable to what the major networks can come up with.

Source: TVLine | Image via NBCUniversal

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Whats so wrong with Heroes, yes the first season was the best. But I surely enjoyed every season of it... The idea of a real life X-men is absolutely awesome. Breaking Bads first season was by far the best too, doesnt make the other seasons worse. Same for Boardwalk Empire.... and tons of other shows.

Shadowzz said,
Breaking Bads first season was by far the best too, doesnt make the other seasons worse.

By definition, if the first season was best, the others are bound to be worse. You might have meant 'bad' and not 'worse'.

Agreed on the Heroes seasons, I enjoyed all the seasons even though the first was best.

Lamp Post said,

By definition, if the first season was best, the others are bound to be worse. You might have meant 'bad' and not 'worse'.

Agreed on the Heroes seasons, I enjoyed all the seasons even though the first was best.

Well duh, but the point was that the other seasons are still enjoyable too.

I certainly would be interested in sampling it. I liked it for the 1st season and as others has mentioned it went downhill after that. Maybe they feel there is an opportunity to make a game for it as well if it is successful.

If they are gonna do original content, it should be based off some of the games...

Gears of War series... Halo Series (Don't stop at Forward Unto Dawn)..,Mass Effect series... Fable, etc....
They don't have to over due it either... So that way we would not get tired of the franchise...

Exactly what I was about to post. Reviving Stargate would bring in way more viewers than heroes.

Or a Star Trek. What they need is a franchise show that is already popular with their demographic. One that has a massive fan base to draw from. Heroes does not have that. There are only a few viable sci-fi franchises for this sort of thing. Firefly would only work if it was a new cast, new ship in the same universe, but that would just feel like a betrayal to fans. There are very few sci-fi franchises that have successfully branched off. Maybe they could get a piece of the Doctor Who pie by picking up Torchwood.

Half the cast of Firefly now has a successful gig. Not going to happen. Think about Arrested development. Most everybody bounced around from Good shows that didn't stick around or are doing films so they could get the cast back together but that was still a massive task.

MikadoWu said,
DUMB MOVE Microsoft..... Here is your Tip if the Day

Revive - Serenity.

Serenity was the movie, Firefly was the series. +1 for the idea though.

Clicked on the article just to post that...
Firefly is where they should put their money.

Definitely wouldn't want them to take Serenity as the basis though, I really hated how they changed the colouring of everything so much, she just wasn't the same ship in the movie.

Will never happen without an almost total recasting. Maybe something in the same universe some day, or a full-blown reboot, but if you like it for the actors, well, you know what they say. #dealwithit

Chris Rollason said,
Just getting into heroes, so this could make me happy, but I'd rather them throw the money at making more Firefly!

You're just getting into Heroes? Do yourself a favor, stop watching at the end of Season 1. Seriously.

Season 2 and Season 3 are just a chaotic mess. They had about 100 writers, and every episode was apparently written by someone different. Plot ideas are dropped after a single episode, some plot ideas are dragged on for the entire season and never go anywhere, characters are introduced - and then never seen again... and the stories are just all over the place. I think they tried to do an "all new characters" in Season 2, but they all sucked, so they shoe-horned original characters right back in. Even characters that "died" were brought back - the same actor just played a different, but identical-looking character.

Heroes was one of the few shows I got into - and it REALLY went downhill. The entire series ended with a sad whimper after it was butchered beyond belief.

The first season was soooo good. And the others were soooo bad. It really was surprising how quickly it deteriorated.

I won't throw any spoilers out there because I already see comments about just starting viewing the series. But specifically, I felt that the first season told a complete story from start to finish; a true rarity in TV.

I think that was also part of their problem. The entire story had already been told, and ... "Now what?"

I think I'm going to watch the first season again in NetFlix!

Maybe they are thinking of returning to the show's original intent, which was to introduce a new cast each season and tell a different story. It they are looking to do something different and not let Tim Kring drive the series into the ground, then who knows. It might be worth a shot.

It's a while since I last watched the show, but I cannot remember it being that horrible. The second season got a bit screwed over by the writers' strike that year, but apart from that I didn't really find anything horribly wrong with season 2-4. And IMO the ending of season 4 was really good.

That isn't to say that it wouldn't have been better off if they wrapped up the original story with season 1 and rather introduced new cast/story with each season.